A City With A Great Library…

…Is A Great City. Or so the slogan went last century when we did the tax drive to increase library funding.

My question is this: Is a city with a privacy-free library a privacy-free city?

I’m told that the reason for curtailing patrons’ privacy is the lack of funds for new personnell. I’m being told this in the same year that we are throwing piles of money at a new ballpark. In the 15 years I’ve lived here there seems to be a pattern developing. We’ll drum up huge amounts of money for flashy development, but then fail to follow through on maintenance costs. You need look no further than the understaffed library system to see that. I’m just going to love seeing what kind of shape the new stadium is in after 10 years of the Metro No-Follow Through Spending policy. Meantime I’ll just content myself with having my private business made painfully public when you walk through the front door of the Hermitage Branch library.

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