Costco Dreaming

Looks like I’ll have to get an additional job to be able to afford the fact that Costco and Best Buy are moving into West Nashville.

I love Best Buy for obvious reasons, so many fun things, so little money to buy them. But, the ability to buy large packages of things I may or may not need, holds a special place in my heart. I have answered the siren song of warehouse stores for years. Oh sure, in my early days on my own, I made some mis-steps in the world of bulk shopping (1,000 Sweet and Low packets, anyone?), but, once I got my groove and figured out exactly what I needed to maintain my world, there was no thrill like having a package of 48 rolls of toilet paper for each bathroom, each available at one low price thanks to Sam’s located right down the street.

But, as of late, the thrill of Sam’s has dwindled for me. The not-so recent remodel of the Bellevue store messed with my Sam’s mojo. Where I once found comfort in my regular trips there to get my regular things, I found myself vaguely dissatisfied that the things there were just that, “regular”, I wanted something more.

So, I began to cheat on Sam’s with Costco. It was clean, fresh, and, 30 miles away. At first, I limited myself to only the occasional visit there so I could use a “guest” pass, but, then they started taking driver’s license numbers and my days as the perpetual guest were done. I took the leap and got my own card after that, and, have never looked back.

Things in the world of oversized groceries just seemed “better” at Costco, but, I think part of that is due to the fact. that it was in an exotic, far away neighbrhood, rather than just being down the street. Now that they’re moving closer to my neighborhood, I hope that the new store lives up to my fantasies about the one far, far away.

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  1. ttrentham (unregistered) on April 20th, 2006 @ 9:12 am

    I desperately want to abandon Sam’s in favor of Costco, the latter having much better business practices than the former. However, Sam’s carries IBC Root Beer and Costco does not.

    I’m afraid my love of cheap IBC trumps my ideals. Costco, start carrying IBC, dammit!

  2. Meredith (unregistered) on April 20th, 2006 @ 11:57 am

    Wouldn’t you know it? I’ve lived within a few miles of the proposed location for years now…and as we finally contemplate a move to the South side, they come.

    Costco’s return policy is so generous, it will still be worth the drive to shop there.

  3. friedapplepie (unregistered) on April 20th, 2006 @ 1:24 pm

    Oh, if I weren’t so lazy I’d definitely be cheating on Sam’s with Costco too. Last week at Sam’s I couldn’t find flats of canned ginger ale ANYWHERE. What am I supposed to mix my Myers with now?

  4. Nanny Doon (unregistered) on April 20th, 2006 @ 4:05 pm

    Thirty miles to shop? Geez! Good thing they’re building a new one near your home because the price of gas would having you taking out a loan just to get to the old one! PS…Missing you at “home”…don’t stay out too late!! :)

  5. Bluegrass Mama (unregistered) on April 20th, 2006 @ 8:44 pm

    I abandoned Sams Club a couple of years ago with no replacement, but rumor has it we’re getting our very own Costco here, too, and it’s only half as far as Sams. Life is good.

  6. Liz (unregistered) on April 21st, 2006 @ 12:59 pm

    Oh that’s awesome. I’m excited now!!

  7. Kate O' (unregistered) on April 30th, 2006 @ 10:13 am

    With all due respect to Busy Mom and the commenters thus far, and you all may already be aware of this, but I feel a need to say it:
    those low, low prices come with a high price tag for someone, somewhere.

    Whether it’s the locally-owned businesses that take a hit from the loss of sales to the comfort and familiarity of these big-box chains, or the employees whose paychecks may leave them with little left after paying for rent and groceries, or even the local taxpayers who sometimes unknowingly subsidize the corporate guests, someone is picking up the tab on the discounts.

    In this age of conveniences, we all make choices that compromise some principles. I’m not at all saying you shouldn’t shop wherever you want to shop, but I feel that we need to be conscious of those choices as we make them.

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