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Nashville Visitors can Turn Here for info

There is a cool new website called TurnHere. They pay local independent film makers to create a short view about a popular travel destination. I just found out about the site and low and behold there is a video about Nashville on the front page of the site. The video was created by Matt Nothelfer.

There is also a video specifically about East Nashville that was filed by someone simply listed as Jason. As I was watching the East Nashville video I saw that my dog actually makes a cameo appearance in the into (the black and white dog in front of Bongo East. Kinda brings home Nashville’s small-town feel.

I think it is cool that they actually pay local people to create the content. The site was created in the Bay Area and has dozens of cities listed. You can take a little mini-vacation in your browser.

A Coliseum by any other state name

I’m all for giving our generic “Coliseum” a name, but, I hope that if Louisiana-Pacific does become the sponsor, they really name it something else. The Monday Night Football announcer telling us that they are coming at us, “Live, from the Louisiana-Pacific Coliseum, Home of the Tennessee Titans”, is just awkward.

But, then again, the “LouPa-seum” doesn’t do much for me, either.

Swooning in the heat

It’s just too damn hot. My Gerbera daisies are putting their little hands to their forehead and swooning in the undignified heat. It’s not pretty.

What have you done to escape the heat?

Party Town

I’ve been reading some about the Mayor’s “State of Metro” address this past Thursday. There’s a lot to cheer about, from national rankings to new developments, and I applaud Purcell for fully funding the schools. And, turns out, he’s a party animal.

Mayor Purcell announced that from October 1, 2006 until July 4, 2007, Nashville will have 9 months of partying. These parties could range from CMA celebrations to neighborhood cookouts.

Any suggestions out there of how to do this thing right?

Next Big Nashville

This Friday, Saturday, and Sunday night ASCAP will do its best to display what they believe to be Nashville’s new crop of rock music. The event is called Next Big Nashville. All the fun is going down at Mercy Lounge. I’ll see you there Saturday night.

Tonight it’s me and the computer.

I can’t stop reading this article.

It’s a review of the documentary “The Beauty Academy of Kabul” which has its Nashville opening tonight at the Belcourt. The movie tells, apparently, of “a trip made by a group of American hairdressers to Afghanistan following the fall of the Taliban. These volunteer teachers were sent to teach aspiring hairdressers and beauticians the latest techniques in cutting, coloring and styling hair, cramming the benefits of their experience into a three-month curriculum. But what seems like a simple assignment develops into a complex and life-altering experience for the six participants (three Americans and three Afghan-Americans making their first return trip home in more than two decades).”

And I’m just mesmerized. How this never occurred to me, I don’t know. Despite being a reasonably enlightened person, I’m also unreasonably shallow and interested in physical beauty, and you’d think that I’d have made the connection that no burqa = new hairdo. Either I’m not as shallow as I thought or I’m just not swift enough to make the connection.

Well anyway, here. Read it for yourself, if you’re interested.

Notable Cafe is notable

wifi.gif Since I’m all about free wifi and a nice place to work, I thought I’d tell you about Notable Cafe in Bellevue.

It’s on Sawyer Brown Road in the part of River Plantation that has always been the Plantation Market to me. Gone are the days of questionable teens hanging out in an aging mini-mart. It’s been replaced with a nice little bistro that serves pastries, sandwiches, salads, coffee, etc. There’s plenty of room to work at the tables without feeling like you’re being rushed to vacate them. There’s also a stage and signs that imply that they have live music in the evenings, but, I haven’t experienced that, yet.

It’s quiet and clean, and, I can even excuse the 20-something employees who are looking forward to seeing Elvis Costello at Bonaroo, even though, “he’s like waaaaay old.”

Did I mention that they have free wifi that I’m using right now? Wifi. Free. “If it’s free, it’s for me” is my motto.

Freweini Gebremicael Benefit

A quick reminder here. Boots has pooled his vast resources of talent in Nashville and is putting together one hell of a benefit show. We talked briefly on Monday, and he let me know that I should go ahead and put out the good word. Releases are going out to the press as we speak (read).

For those just joining us, Freweini Gebremicael — Winnie — worked downtown in Nashville, and was known and loved by many. She was, sadly, brutally murdered several weeks ago, leaving her family, including her daugher, Rutta, and son, Yonas Simon. Windows on the Cumberland will be playing host to a benefit show, the proceeds of which will all be donated to Winnie’s family. Other vendors around downtown will be participating in various ways as well.

Please come. Have a good time. Have some beers, and listen to some good music. Please don’t let a stupid, idiotic, cowardly act of violence tear apart a community, much less a family. Come honor and aid the memory of a wonderful person.

Monday, June 5th, Windows on the Cumberland, 6PM till “????”

UPDATE: Boots has a notice up, and a list of artists that will be playing:

Agabus, aka:Rudie, Betty Dylan, Corleone, Curt Binkley, The Loft, Levi Gunn, H-Beam, Hurricane Doyle, Kyle Blankenship, Nashville Jazz Trio, Secret Gossip, Steve Benoit, Rick Trace, Matt Bridges, and many more.

aka: Rudie is a Nashville institution — if you’ve never seen them, you should come on out. They are a ton of fun.

A Little Stretch of Interstate

Do this while it is still spring. Choose a pre-dusk moment when traffic is at its tamest. In the automobile of your choice, pick up I-40 West. Do so just east of White Bridge Road. Notice, if you will, the green hills ahead and to your right. Pay particular attention to the bend in the Interstate a minute or so past Exit 199. Taste the portrait the light makes upon that bend–even when there is no light. Travel at least as far as Exit 196 to Highway 70. It is a brief jaunt. And it is one of the many things I love about this city.

Do the same thing two weeks into autumn.

New Sounds Stadium

Nashville Sounds Stadium Rendering 1

I just got back from the public unveiling of more details about the new Sounds stadium downtown. I had to leave early, but most of the good stuff was at the beginning. Turnout was pretty impressive — the room was packed with baseball fans and civic fanboys (and girls) like myself, as well as some Nashville politicos, including my rep, Mike Jameson. Representatives from the Sounds as well as SBER, the development firm, were on hand to present.

This was the third public forum so far, with the most detail provided yet. Emphasized in their presentation were a few things taken from community input:

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