Nashville Drivers are Among the Best

There is an article today that names Miami as the city with the worst drivers. Nashville was actually ranked as one of the cities with the most courteous drivers. Take a moment to pat yourselves for your lack of road rage.

I know people in Nashville like to complain about the other drivers in the city, but it is worse elsewhere. I don’t remember Miami being particularly bad, but I have driven enough in Boston and Los Angeles to know that they do deserve to be singled out for being bad.

In Los Angeles there are just too many cars, and it takes way too long to get anywhere. It is enough to bring rage to the most passive drivers. Boston on the other hand suffers from horible urban planning. The streets in downtown Boston are actually the paths that the cows and other animals took over 200 years ago. There are also very few lines painted on the roads (I think the wear away from all of the salt and snow plows in winter).

It is surprising that Atlanta made the good list. Atlanta is a weird place to drive on the interstate. It seems like everyone goes between 80 and 90mph. The one good thing about Atlanta is that people don’t change lanes. Then again, why would you need to change lanes if every lane is the fast lane ;)

[via CNN]

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  1. David Ortiz (unregistered) on May 24th, 2006 @ 4:20 pm

    I’ve spent plenty of time driving in both Nashville and Boston, and IMO, this is a bunch of malarky. The article in question quoted an informal survey by a car rental company — hardly scientific evidence of anything. And in my experience, while it may take time to get used to the way things work in Boston, people are much less likely to chase you down the highway cussing and swearing and trying to run you off the road because of some perceived offense. The driving atmosphere there is very businesslike, and while a mistake might draw a finger, there are no incidents of road rage like those that have marred the roads in Nashville over the years (e.g. The two nutty women racing each other down Granny White a few years ago — resulting in a death and a jail sentence. Polite indeed).

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