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Metro Police Academy Session 48

Metro Nashville Police

Last night, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department held a graduation ceremony for Session 48 of the Metro Police Training Academy. A good friend of mine, Brandon Frith, was one of the graduating members of this session. Twenty one weeks ago, Brandon and twenty other determined individuals embarked on the arduous task of becoming Metropolitan Nashville Police Officers.

During their five and half month training session, these individuals endured challenges of both the physical and mental variety. I don’t know about you, but I would find it extremely difficult to sit down and focus on a law exam after pushing my body to its limit physically. While it was difficult for them at first, the trainees were able to depend each other to overcome the challenges placed before them by the Police Academy staff.

I applaud each of these newly commissioned officers on a job well done. The streets are now a little bit safer because of this addition to the force. These officers aren’t wasting any time either. Most of them start their six-month probation period today. So if you see a rookie cop out there over the next six months, tell them thanks for sacrificing so much to help make Nashville a better city.

At Least We’re Not Miami

According to, Nashville is 21st in brainpower among America’s largest cities. Apparently we are just a little dumber than Columbus, Ohio. Check the main story out HERE.


Grand Opening For Mt. Juliet 14-Screen Theatre

Many of us on the Eastern side of Nashville have eagerly awaited the opening of the Providence 14 Theatres.

Great News! It’s almost here, and you heard it here at Metroblog Nashville FIRST!

I Feel Like I’m Being Watched

Three Metro parks will be under surveillance begining six weeks from now. The Parks Board gave the go ahead to purchase 16 cameras and surveillance software to the tune of about $20,000. The Parks Department plans to install them by the end of July.

Big Brother? Maybe… Big Orgy? That’s pretty much it. Cedar Hill, Hamilton Creek and Two Rivers parks have become hot beds(no pun intended) for sexual activity publicized on the web. An undercover sting last week by Metro police resulted in 38 individuals being cited.

You can read more about it HERE.

Does this make you feel like your privacy will be invaded? Or does this make you feel safer?

Rob Thomas and Jewel

I was buried in a new project I’m working on all day today and was ready for a break. Around 6PM a friend called to ask if I would be interested in attending the Rob Thomas and Jewel concert at Gaylord Entertainment Center. A friend hooked him up with 4 tickets and he was glad to let me have two of those. I dig Rob Thomas so I was pretty excited since tickets started around $37 and I’m a cheapskate. (You’ll be more aware of that in future postings.)

When I asked what time the concert started he said 7PM. GRrrrr. Good fortune is cool… but not when your significant other is at work and can’t get away. I immediately began scrolling through my phone to see who I could tolerate for the next few hours. I narrowed it down to about three choices and called Number One on the list. VOICEMAIL. I left one. Later I found out they, too, were working. Number Two. A REAL VOICE! They had already made plans they couldn’t break. Number Three. VOICEMAIL. I left a message in haste and then began contemplating who else might be a worthy candidate. I could have gone by myself but then there would be a ticket wasted.

During my contemplative period my phone rang. It’s the guy who was hooking me up to start with asking if I had found someone. I told him I was waiting on a callback but I wasn’t sure. He asked if I would mind if he just gave them to his sister and her boyfriend. Sure… I was cool with that. I thank him. He thanks me. We hang up.

I decided to dig back into my research when Candidate Number Three returned my call and is very excited to attend tonight’s event with me.

Of course.

Anyone care to tell me how the concert was?

I appreciate the honesty…

This billboard is right before Exit 205 on I-40 West. Can anyone explain what’s going on here?

Perhaps the billboard does explain the following warning, posted only a few miles later.


Restaurant delivery?

OK, Nashville, I need your help.

Are there any restaurants that aren’t pizza, Chinese or Dalts that deliver to 37205? Or do you know of any menu services? Looks like Menu-Express went out of business.

My dad is often home-bound taking care of my mother, and, I was looking for some dinner options for him.

Thanks, you guys are the greatest.

New Justice A.A. Birch Building

Nashville Courts are set to move into the new Justice A.A. Birch Building next week. Apparently, security has been a big issue in both the old building and in the temporary Metro Center location:

Judges and other court staff repeatedly have complained about the lax security at the temporary MetroCenter Criminal Court building, where black-robed judges, inmates wearing orange jumpsuits and citizens wearing juror badges mingled in the same hallway.

And security conditions at the 69-year-old, historic courthouse, with prisoners, judges and citizens using the same elevators, weren’t much better…

Yeah, I found that out.

Several years ago, I was a witness to a violent crime (was in a public building, I just stumbled upon it). I was the only one who could identify the suspect, (I had to pick him out of a line-up, and everything), and, I ended up having to testify in court. It was weird, the suspect hired a private investigator who called me all the time trying to tell me I had the wrong person, etc.

Anyway, when we went to court, I was sequestered with somebody from a “witness protection” somethinganother, because they didn’t want me in the courtroom until it was time to point him out, and, they didn’t want him to have a good look at me. The whole thing sounds more dramatic than it actually was, but, at one point, I had to go the restroom, and, they wouldn’t let me out because the guy was right outside the door enjoying a Coke break during a recess as there was nowhere else for him to go.

After the hearing was over, it was late in the day, and we were leaving. They escorted me out, but, I’ll give you two guesses who I had to share en elevator with, and, the first one doesn’t count.

CMA fest breaks records

A-ha, so this is why the Demonbreun strip was even more packed to overflowing than usual on Thursday evening when we went to pick up a pizza from Christopher Pizza. We ended up having to park in front of a tour bus and hope they weren’t going anywhere anytime soon (they weren’t).

Funny we didn’t really encounter the crowds much otherwise, though, for living so close to the action.

Mothership BBQ

In the heady days of my youth I would enjoy the finest and most succulent meals ever offered to man or gods. The toniest New York Bistros (nothing like the third-rate Sysco houses we have here in the benighted south) were my home away from home. But since I’m stuck here in the godforesaken backwoods of Tennessee I figured I would deign to go eat Barbecue and the new Mothership BBQ on Columbine Ave, located approximately 832 miles southwest of Manhattan. The first impressions of me and my party of 46 were of….

Whew. That was close. For a minute there someone else was writing my restaurant review for me. Glad I put a stop to that.

I never ate BBQ before I moved to Nashville. In Indiana “barbecue” is used as a synonym for “cookout” and translates to hot dogs, hamburgers and potatoe (ha!) salad. The first pulled pork BBQ I ever tasted was catered by Nick’s to a Superbowl party at my travel agency/office. That was 14 years ago. The second I ever had was from Witts. That was a memorial day picnic at Percy Priest Lake. Also 14 years ago. Between then and now I’ve also eaten Corky’s, Famous Dave’s, Jack’s and the Pig Sandwich at the Hard Rock Cafe.

I tell you the honest truth when I say that today, after 14 years of eating shadows on the cave wall I have finally tasted the Platonic ideal of Barbecue. This is, quite frankly, the best possible ending that any pig could hope for. Forget all that business about baby spiders and living to greet a new springtime. This is the true happy ending for pig.

I don’t write about food well, because it comes off sounding like ad copy. Lots of carelessly tossed adverbs like “succulent”, “moist”, “tender” etc. I can’t quite come up with a way to describe how excellent this barbecue is, other than to tell you that I wish they sold it in large takeaway quantities. (That dream is yet to be realised).

Please go eat there. I want them to stay in business so I can have my fix on a regular basis.

Where is it? Well, it’s in Berry Hill, tucked about a block behind Sam & Zoe’s Coffee Shop. 2806 Columbine Place. The food is excellent, well-priced and it’s BYOB.

Please, please, please eat there.

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