100 Things About Nashville (part 1)

  • Old Hickory Blvd forms a circle around Nashville. Unfortunately it is not a very straight circle.
  • Briley Parkway is a smaller circle around the city, but it changes names (Briley Parkway, Thompson Lane, Woodmont Blvd, White Bridge Road)
  • The best cheeseburgers in town are at Rotiers and are served on french bread
  • The Loveless Cafe is not as good as it used to be
  • Half of the people at any given concert are thinking they could do a better job than at least one member of the band on the stage
  • Half of those people might be right
  • Nashville has a great library that is under-utilized
  • The Titans and The Predators have changed the National image of Nashville (though Branson helped too)
  • Nashville may have the most cohesive blogosphere of any city on the planet
  • You are so Nashville if… you only read The Scene for the “You Are So Nashville If…” competition

More to come…

Disclaimer: There was no research in the making of this post. Any actual facts in this post are here by sheer luck.

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  1. Lesley (unregistered) on July 12th, 2006 @ 8:45 am

    OHB also has the problem of being frequently interrupted by bodies of water.

    And OHB was one of my major pet peeves when I moved here the first time in ’99. I lived off OHB and Central Pike in Hermitage and I’d always hear the traffic report about a wreck on OHB and I never knew if it was anywhere near me. None of the traffic reporters would indicate that it was in Hermitage or Brentwood or wherever. That would have been nice for a new person.

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