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Delicious New Airport

In mid-October, Metropolitan Nashville Airport Authority will begin the first phase of a three phase renovation on Nashville International Airport. The project will span nearly 5 years, consisting of tremendous aesthetic changes as well as functional changes featuring terminal facelifts, a consolidated 11 lane security checkpoint, shimmering waterwalls, numerous skylights, renovation of restrooms, addition of several elevators, and upgraded flight monitors.

But that’s not all!

Judge Bean’s: A Quick Poll

OK, the coworkers are going to Judge Bean’s, and I would like to go just to be social. I’m curious, though, about whether there’s ANYTHING on the menu a vegetarian (who eats a little bit of dairy) can eat.

So, quick poll:
If a vegetarian goes to Judge Bean’s, she should:

a) expect to starve — or eat beforehand
b) be able to find SOMETHING on the menu, even if it’s just cole slaw and corn on the cob, but still walk away hungry
c) be able to find a reasonable amount of side dishes and such to fill her up

I mean, I’ll probably go just for the experience, but I’m curious to hear what I should expect.

no more shaming

Good news on the prostitution front: The police appear to have stopped posting pictures of non-convicted johns after being arrested for soliciting prostitutes.

I first posted about this last month, and it appears that they have since taken down the pictures, if not the page itself. Unreluctant compliance with the court order?

The NCO 2006-2007 Season

As September approaches, so does the 2006-2007 season for The Nashville Chamber Orchestra. The NCO has existed essentially as classical troubadours since its inception in 1990. But, the 17th season sees the orchestra finally at home in the new Schermerhorn Symphony Center.

The Nashville City Paper recently sat down with the NCO’s Music Director, Paul Gambill.

I found the following exchange most interesting:

What does the future hold?

Our biggest challenge is convincing people that the music we play can have a meaningful role in their lives. That’s a communication issue, because when people come to our concerts and experience what we do and feel that power of our music and those different types of music coming together, they are almost never disappointed. So now we are developing strategies as to how we can reach out to our audiences through the Internet and engage people more in our creative processes so that they can relate to it and understand how the music can be powerful to them.

How will you do that?

This fall we will be debuting a project where we are going to be posting information that our audiences can download off our Web site (, which will literally take them into the processes. Everything from interviews with our musicians, following a composer through the process of debuting a new piece, [to] listening to discussions between soloists and composers — information that can dispel some of the mystery behind what an orchestra plays.

You can read the rest of the interview here.

If your interest is sparked, check out the Nashville Chamber Orchestra during their Symphony Center Opening Gala Monday September 11th. You can find the details here.

State Offers Stop-Smoking Hotline

In Today’s Tennessean:

The Tennessee Department of Health has launched a statewide telephone-based tobacco cessation program, made possible by $450,000 in state and federal funding.

State residents can call the Tennessee Tobacco Quitline at 1-800-QUIT-NOW for help to quit smoking cigarettes or chewing tobacco. Callers will be connected with a trained professional, who will guide them through the quitting process. And they will have access to ongoing professional help via individually scheduled calls from a counselor personally assigned to them.

As a smoker, I sincerely appreciate the offer. But talking to someone over the phone is not going to get the job done. I need nicotine not a conversation!

Titans Fans Running Out of Patience

We hoped, as Titans fans, that last night would give us a reason to believe. We were, once again, disappointed.

Last night’s 20-6 loss to the Atlanta Falcons at LP Field has been another in a series of disappointments this preseason for Titans fans.

It began 2 weeks ago with the arrest of Defensive Tackle Randy Starks on domestic assault charges followed by a 19-16 loss at home against the New Orleans Saints. The next week saw our Titans embarrassed by the Denver Broncos 35-10 in Denver. Then, in the wee hours of this past Friday morning, Adam “Pacman” Jones was arrested for public intoxication and disorderly conduct. The third consecutive preseason loss, at home no less, is coming dangerously close to the final nail in the coffin for many of us loyal fans.

The Titans have given us some great things to root for in the not-so-distant past. In addition, they have given us players such as Kevin Carter, Eddie George, and Frank Wychek who embraced Nashville as home and contributed so many positive things to the community. But, this year’s Titans are a different bunch. They have disappointed us both on and off the field.

As a Titans fan, I have a brief and to-the-point message for the front office brass: We can stand the losing for the most part. It’s the tarnishing of our city’s image that is tough to swallow.

Anyone Climbed Nashville?

Anyone out there ever tried Climb Nashville? The wife and I were thinking of giving it a go, but I was wondering if any readers out there have bouldered or belayed their way to the top of the Sylvan Park warehouse. Leave your thumbs up or down in the comments section.

It’s Great To Be Here

Hey Nashville!

I just wanted to take a quick second and say I’m the newest blogger here. I have a few different Nashville beats I follow closely (such as the Titans and the Arts) so I hope you enjoy my additions to the site.



Market Street Emporium Changes

As I hinted in an earlier post, and my colleague MisterNashville noted on his blog, changes are afoot at the Nashville Emporium: Specifically: Windows on the Cumberland, after 20 years at its Market Street Emporium location, has been told to vacate the premises by the end of September. Windows on the Cumberland has been a go-to location for new music acts in Nashville looking for an open ear — as well as the defacto home of Nashville favorite AKA Rudie.

But fear not, Windows-heads: Boots assures me that they’ve got a lock on a new location, which will be announced soon.

WotC is not the only establishment getting the boot. The building was purchased by “Dose of Blues Management”, and the rumor is that they aim to turn the first two floors into an “upscale jazz nightclub”, and so Cafe O2, a boutique/oxygen bar, will also be forced to move to 4th and Molloy. No word on the short or long-term future for Nightowl Cafe, or Mainstreat (owned by Charlie, former owner of WotC, himself).

“Dose of Blues” has made no friends with the short-notice evictions, which were delivered during business hours in front of customers. They also rob WotC of its busiest season (Sep-May) and rob Cafe O2 of the opportunity to reap the rewards for its investment and increasing clientelle this fall and winter. Further adding to the confusion is that while letters of intent to not renew leases are flying fast and furious, “Dose of Blues” did actually bring in one new tenant: err, a psychic reader. It’s not immediately clear to this author how that fits into any sort of grand scheme, or even simply to buy, remodel and flip the property.

Nashville has no shortage of abandoned (or near-abandoned) warehouses in the Lower Broad area begging to be remodeled into an “upscale jazz bar” — or anything, really. Is it really necessary to displace a Nashville institution and other fledgling small businesses to do it at the Emporium?

New Downtown Market

bzorch at, brings word of a new market downtown:

The CityPaper covered the announcement of a new outdoor market for the downtown. The hours are 2:30-5:30. I guess that give people time to shop between 5:00 and 5:30 when they get off work. They seems like odd hours, but I hope it works. It is located in the plaza between the Bank of America Building and the DoubleTree Hotel between Fourth and Fifth avenues.

More info at the City Paper Article

Definitely sounds interesting. I’ll check it out next week..

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