Tara Cole: What Took So Long?

The bastards that murdered Tara Cole have been caught, but one lingering controversy remains. Tara’s murder is a sensitive issue for a city like Nashville, which is seeing a pronounced increase in its homeless population. While residents of the downtown area are generally frustrated and concerned, there has also been a distinct spike in hostitility towards the homeless population in general.

The perceived delays in recovering Tara’s body are only exascerbating the perception that we regard our homeless population as second-class — even sub-human — citizens. The controversy revolves around the revelation that a K-9 unit apparently pinpointed the location of her body hours after her drowning on August 11th:

A local search and rescue dog pinpointed the location of a homeless woman’s body hours after she drowned in the Cumberland River on Aug. 11, the canine’s handler said this week, raising new questions about why the remains were not recovered until 10 days later.

No doubt many people that read this article and my post will already have their mind made up on this situation, but I am willing to admit there are variables that could have complicated the recovery. The river was indeed swollen with rain, and the barge may have proved difficult to move on short notice. However, it’s hard not to find a hint of truth in this statement:

Metro police detective Ricky Winfrey, in charge of the investigation into Cole’s death, said he was not convinced that Ivey’s dog had located the body, but neither was he convinced that everything possible was done to retrieve Cole’s remains.

“If that had been anyone else’s daughter under there, they would have called in someone from Germany if necessary,” he said.

I also find it hard to believe it would have taken 10 days to recover her body if any one of the variables here had been different.

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