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Tara Cole: What Took So Long?

The bastards that murdered Tara Cole have been caught, but one lingering controversy remains. Tara’s murder is a sensitive issue for a city like Nashville, which is seeing a pronounced increase in its homeless population. While residents of the downtown area are generally frustrated and concerned, there has also been a distinct spike in hostitility towards the homeless population in general.

The perceived delays in recovering Tara’s body are only exascerbating the perception that we regard our homeless population as second-class — even sub-human — citizens. The controversy revolves around the revelation that a K-9 unit apparently pinpointed the location of her body hours after her drowning on August 11th:

A local search and rescue dog pinpointed the location of a homeless woman’s body hours after she drowned in the Cumberland River on Aug. 11, the canine’s handler said this week, raising new questions about why the remains were not recovered until 10 days later.

No doubt many people that read this article and my post will already have their mind made up on this situation, but I am willing to admit there are variables that could have complicated the recovery. The river was indeed swollen with rain, and the barge may have proved difficult to move on short notice. However, it’s hard not to find a hint of truth in this statement:

Metro police detective Ricky Winfrey, in charge of the investigation into Cole’s death, said he was not convinced that Ivey’s dog had located the body, but neither was he convinced that everything possible was done to retrieve Cole’s remains.

“If that had been anyone else’s daughter under there, they would have called in someone from Germany if necessary,” he said.

I also find it hard to believe it would have taken 10 days to recover her body if any one of the variables here had been different.

Tap that!

I stepped out on a limb today…well not really. My dilemma began with the fact that the salad I had in the office frig had bit the dust and the handful of pasta salad was not going to satisfy the hunger in my stomach that arose from my work out this morning.

As customary I ran through my typical eating spots…Panera, Bongo Java (I was just there the other day!), or Fido. After filling my car with gas I was about to head to Panera for safety when I remembered…that place that was remodeled on 12th South.

I headed to the establishment formerly known as 12th South Deli which now can be called 12 South Taproom and Gill and is owned by the same people who own Rumours Wine & Art Bar and the Art House.

There are some items on the menu that are the same as before but there are also some new additions plus a dinner menu that I have yet to fest my eyes on.

The big change in the room is the set up. There’s a dinning area where customers are waited on and also a bar where you can sit. I was excited about the fact that when ordering sandwiches you can substitute chips for bean and corn salad. I am always looking for alternates at lunchtime besides the typical chips/fries scenario. It helps those of us who are trying to stay on the healthy side. The waitress informed me that they plan to have other sides in the future. Another added bonus is that you aren’t charged extra for the substitution either!

My promoter eye also picked out the fact that there is a small stage in the room too. 12 South Taproom is more than delighted to have bands play and all you have to do is drop off a CD and wait to hear from them. I most definitely will be back here!

Check out the article that the Tennessean wrote on the place.

The stats: 12 South Taproom. 2318 12th Ave. S. 463-7552. Hours: 11 a.m.-10 p.m. Monday-Saturday; bar stays open until midnight.

I’ll Believe It When I See It

There are new pictures in the Tennessean this morning about last night’s meeting to discuss redevelopment along the east bank of the river.

I enjoy looking at pictures of hypotheticals (this is why I bought The Plan of Nashville), but reality tells me none of this will ever happen. And, what may happen will pale in comparison to what should have happened.

I’m still waiting.

Name the Place

Alright, here’s this week’s installment. Name that place:

100 Oaks

Okay, just kidding. Seriously, now:


UPDATE: Jill wins, correctly identifying the hallway in the Market Street Emporium, currently home of Windows on the Cumberland, Nightowl Cafe, and Cafe O2 downstairs. (Our office is right upstairs.)

UPDATE 2: A little birdie told me there are big changes coming in the tenancy of the first two floors of this building, too, and I’m not too happy about what I’ve heard. Hopefully more on this soon..

All Aboard!


I noticed yesterday and tonight that they are starting to take trains on some test runs at the train station here in downtown. Where the Broadway Dinner Train once roamed, now rumbles the Nashville Star!

I don’t have much to add here, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

An Inconvenient Training

Fans of Al Gore and/or An Inconvenient Truth, take note: you could have the opportunity to fill Gore’s shoes in delivering the very same presentation that An Inconvenient Truth documented. Gore’s aim is to get this message out to as many people as possible. To this end, they are training more than 1,000 people on the science, effects and potential solutions for the problem of global warming.

Where is all this going down? Why, right here in Nashville, of course:

The Climate Project will host seven training sessions between late
September and January 2007 in
Nashville, Tennessee. The two-day program is designed to familiarize
trainees with the climate change science, equip them with new presentation skills, and develop a new dynamic online learning community for ongoing activities.

The training is open to individuals of all ages, educational and technical backgrounds. Prospective trainees are expected to have a strong commitment
to the well-documented fact that human activity has created a climate crisis, and that we have a moral obligation to take dramatic steps to reduce the gaseous emissions that cause global warming.

The full application for the program is available here. Have fun! Thanks to Colleen in L.A. for the tip.

Here It Comes!

The Westin Hotel was approved 7-2 by a city panel. Read the news HERE. Good stuff!

Westin on Broadway?

I’m anxious to see the result of this meeting today. The development in downtown, especially Lower Broad and SoBro, always has my interest. While I know some folks think that Lower Broad is kind of a dead end in our town… I think that, while it will always remain mostly honktytonks, there will be vibrant change in the faces you see there daily. I don’t know if a 20 story hotel fits in just yet… but it could. Right?

I’m not always this cranky

I submit that the parking lot at West End and 25th (Border’s, Starbuck’s, P. F. Chang, etc.) is a most cruel and unusual place around lunch time during the week. Anarchy rules, people would take a parking place from their own mother if Granny didn’t react quickly enough to get in there in the first place.

Don’t even start me on the seemingly random procedures of how to order, obtain and pay for food at Bread and Company during this time of day.

Curse my chicken salad and fruit tea, um, “problem”.



From an email I got:


Violent Symptoms of Systemic Injustice and Perpetual Poverty

WHEN: Monday, August 14th, 2006, 8:00pm

WHERE: Riverfront Park (Parking on First Avenue)


In the early morning hours of Friday Morning, two men pushed, a young, 19 year old, African American homeless woman, into the Cumberland River. The young woman is believed to be a quiet and gentle person believed to be named Tasha and also known as “Little Bit”. The belief is that she is dead and did drown in the river although her body has not yet been found. Tasha is known by many in the homeless community as someone who “never hurt anyone” and someone who “kept to herself”. Many of the police officers and downtown businesses also knew her and reported her a gentle woman in need.

Two men had approach a group of 5 homeless people late Thursday night/early Friday morning and tried to start a fight with the group. The same two men returned at 4am and threw Tasha into the river while she was asleep. While it is not clear who the individuals were or whether they were homeless or not, Nashville Homeless Power Project research (word on the street) has been that these two young men have not been recognized or known by anyone in the homeless community.

Ann Denton, formerly homeless and leadership team member of the Nashville Homeless Power Project shares: “As long as we as a society continue to allow a shortage of housing, a shortage of safe places to sleep, and a shortage of outreach workers and other services, homeless people will continue to be at risk of these violent crimes.”



We need your support. Looking forward to seeing you on Monday Night.

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