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Titans: I’m Not The Only One

I have been openly critical the past few weeks of our Tennessee Titans and according to an article in today’s Tennessean I am not alone.

Player and coach reactions to this trend interested me the most:

Coach Jeff Fisher interacts with fans now as much as he did when he guided the 1999 Titans to Super Bowl XXXIV.

He said he understands the current public sentiments about the team and promised that he, his staff and his players were working to swing it in a more favorable direction.

“Everybody wants to be perceived as a winner and a successful team. Nobody likes the negative associations that come with losing,” Fisher said. “But you just keep moving. You can’t let that affect you. Anytime we’ve gone through difficult times we’ve said you have a choice to make: you can allow the circumstances to affect your attitude or you can allow your attitude to affect your circumstances.

“That’s what we do. We stay upbeat. We’ve pulled through tough times before and we expect to do it again.”

Several players chose their words carefully when asked about public sentiment.

“It’s probably pretty low, obviously very low,” wide receiver Drew Bennett said. “… I think people are frustrated and they have good reason to be frustrated. I hope people don’t give up on us.”

“It matters because everybody has pride,” safety Chris Hope said. “I know I am a prideful man, and, to a certain extent, it matters what people think about me.”

Defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth was less politically correct when asked about the team’s standing in the public consciousness. “It doesn’t matter at all. I don’t know what the public thinks about us. I don’t really care, either,” he said. “It’s all about what’s here in this locker room. If we start believing what’s outside, then we’ll be in a sad, sad story.”

Another Sunday is quickly approaching and I am anxiously waiting to see if this team will give us something to look forward to or disappoint us yet again.

For the record, I have been a diehard Titans fan since they moved to Nashville and desperately want them to get back on track. What I won’t stand by for is mediocre play, coaching, and front office management.

For the Titans it’s pretty simple, give the fans 100% effort in every facet of the organization and we will stand behind you. If you do not, we will continue to be vocal with our displeasure.

UPDATE: I just read this tidbit. “Wives of several Titans coaches will be decked out in unique Titans jerseys at Sunday’s game. The jerseys will say “Luv Ya Coach” on the back in a show of support for their husbands.”

Good luck, ladies.

birth of bluegrass

Does anyone else find it a little weird that they’re labelling the Ryman as the birthplace of bluegrass with the Station Inn right down the street?

I’m just sayin’..

Officers Cheech and Chong

And the absurdity of the war on drugs continues.. A new policy change for the Nashville’s Metro Police means that past use of drugs will no longer disqualify applicants from joining the force:

“In an ideal world, we would say that if you’ve used drugs, ran a red light or got a speeding ticket, you can’t be considered,” Deputy Chief Steve Anderson said. “But in today’s society, we know that for use of marijuana, there are not the social stigmas there were 10 or 15 years ago.”

In the past year, 44 applicants were ruled out on past drug use. At least a dozen of those excluded would be eligible under the new policy, department officials said.

You gotta love having the deputy chief of the police admitting that “there are not the social stigmas” for use of marijuana that there once were. Don’t get me wrong — I’m all about this policy change. I’d trust my pot-head friends to wield the authority of the state before I’d let, say, an alcoholic. But it definitely increases the sheer surreality for those that will be busted for a “crime” by an officer who may have been tokin’ it up with the best of them before he joined the force.

On The Ice

I gotta tell ya… I’m feeling pretty dang good about the Predators season this year. On Saturday night, Significant Other‘s sister treated us to the pre-season home opener against the Carolina Hurricanes. While I know the season hasn’t even started yet, they have shown promise to turn some heads in the NHL with some impressive and aggressive offense as well as a quick defense. Saturday’s game was slow in the first two periods, but the GEC came alive with 5 (FIVE!) goals scored in the third period. The 7-3 win over the Hurricanes pleased fans who in a poll on thought the Stanley Cup champions would be the toughest. We won’t be facing them in the regular season. 3-1 with two more against Atlanta is hopefully a nice glimpse of what the regular season will look like. I’ll try not to open my big mouth too much until I see some regular season proof. For all of you into sports blogs, check out the Pred’s Blog.

Titans 0-3

As Titans fans, we hoped the first class butt kicking we received at San Diego last week and the dismissal of Quarterback Billy Volek which included some verbal sparring between Coach Fisher and the former Titan would somehow light a fire under this team to come out and play hard. At Miami today, I think the Titans did play hard. But they still lost.

It’s time to face facts, folks. The Tennessee Titans just don’t have what it takes to win this year.

The Miami game demonstrated the simple facts that this team does not have the personnel to win at this level.

Wide Receiver Drew Bennett, who proved last year he could not handle the number one receiver position, failed to make plays yet again in this game which culminated in his half-speed attempt at a grab in the final two minutes of the game. That half-speed grab attempt resulted in an interception for Miami which essentially ended the game. Drew Bennett is a great guy, but lacks the skills to be even a number two receiver in the NFL.

Quarterback Kerry Collins did manage to get off to a slightly quicker start than the previous two weeks, but his lack of mobility in the pocket and wild over throws caused the Titans offense to miss key opportunities yet again. Collins does not have the tools necessary to win consistently at this level.

The offensive line opened the game well giving Running Back Travis Henry enough blocking to rack up over 50 yards in the first half of the game. But, injuries and inexperienced replacements possibly coupled with the heat and humidity of Miami wore them down in the second half when the running game became ineffective.

Defensively, I think Coordinator Jim Schwartz called his best of the past three games. His schemes limited the big breaks by Miami, but once again the inexperience and inability of our secondary (read as: Lamont Thompson and Reynaldo Hill) gave up key gains at exactly the wrong time.

The Titans are now 0-3 on the season and I feel confident after watching seven games with this team (four preseason and three regular season) that we have the worst team in the NFL. It’s not the coaching, people. It’s the personnel. We simply don’t have the guns for the fight.

Get ready for a long, hard season.

The New Traffic Light Things

As I drive in and out of downtown each day, making my way between Germantown, Music Row, Vandy and Green Hills, I’m really digging the new traffic light holder things – what do you call them – lamp posts?

If you haven’t seen them, check out 8th Avenue from Demonbruen to James Robertson. The sidewalks were re-poured a month or so ago, and the street lights and traffic signals are getting updated with a newer look. It’s pleasing to the eye. However, it looks like none of them have the pedestrian button yet. This is key for a guy like me who jogs downtown. I like to be able to hold up traffic with more than the look of my short shorts.

Here’s to the beatiful days of the concrete jungle we call downtown.

100 Oaks to Get Revamped

100 Oaks

100 Oaks has long been on life support — rapidly nearing “dead mall” status. With anchors uprooting and other tenants fleeing like rats off a sinking ship, things were not looking good for Nashville’s oldest mall. But it looks like sunny days may be here again. (How many metaphors can I toss into this introduction). The Nashville Post is reporting that the mall will be bought sometime next week and heavily renovated:

Sources say the mall could get new retail tenants. Retail names that have floated around include Target, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Circuit City and Kohl’s. And unused portions of the mall would be opened for office use. As much as 135,000 square feet of office space is being marketed. Brokers say CB Richard Ellis is involved with the deal, but representatives at the firm wouldn’t comment.

This is good news for the area. Sounds like investors are getting savvy to the Berry Hill/100 Oaks area revival. They just better not touch TJ Maxx. I’ll be pissed.


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coup in Thailand

While things are relatively calm here in Nashville, military-coup-wise, as you probably already know, that’s not the case in Thailand right now. Our metro-blogging buddies are all over the latest developments, if you want to follow as this event unfurls.

More Smoking Bans in Nashville Hotels

According to today’s Tennessean:

Marriott smoking ban may be followed by other hotels

18 Nashville-area sites affected as chains sour on tobacco-friendly rooms

Marriott International’s move to make all of its 2,300 properties in the United States and Canada smoke-free by Oct. 15 probably will be followed by more hotel chains, those in the industry predict.

About 18 hotels in the Nashville area are affected by the move, because Marriott owns a variety of brands, including Courtyard, SpringHill Suites, The Ritz-Carlton, Renaissance, Residence Inn, Fairfield Inn and TownePlace Suites.

It’s the largest chain in the nation to adopt a smoke-free policy, and it extends to all its rooms, restaurants and bars.

Westin Hotels and Resorts, which is planning a hotel in downtown Nashville, made a similar move for Westin-branded hotels earlier this year.

As a dedicated smoker and traveler on business, I have mixed emotions on this.

Just this week I was traveling in Alabama and requested a smoking room where I was staying. I’ll admit the smell was not exactly ideal, but the convenience of not having to get dressed and walk outside to smoke was worth a little stink in my opinion.

As much as I would like to, I can’t fault a business for not catering to smokers if it isn’t profitable. The social climate for smokers has changed greatly over the last 5 years and I can’t help but wonder how much more it is going to change over the next 5. My guess is smokers are going to get the shaft more and more.

Either way, they will have to pry my Pall Malls from my cold dead hands.

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