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Brandon mentioned yesterday the Jazz festival this weekend, which will no doubt be a good time for those wanting to check it out. But I have a problem (surprise). Here’s the thing:


Want to check out Nashville’s lovely riverfront park? Too bad. Am I right to be concerned with the frequency of this sight at riverfront? Riverfront park, ostensibly a “public space” — a park funded with public tax money — being fenced and barricaded off from the public for use for private events that charge for admission. I mean, it was one thing to have the sidewalks blocked off by portapotties when it was for a free festival — like in the heyday of Dancin’ in the District when it was still free. But now, I don’t know. It’s not so cute anymore.

When did Nashville’s nicest downtown park turn into a private music venue?

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  1. Kate O' (unregistered) on September 2nd, 2006 @ 9:42 pm

    It also made it really difficult to run through there this afternoon, since the east sidewalk was fenced and the west sidewalk mostly had portapotties. But fortunately the street was mostly free of cars, so I just ran right down the middle of the road.

    The music sounded good, but I’m with you — the whole charging admission for concerts at Riverfront Park thing seems a little weird. This is exactly the kind of thing they do for free at Grant Park during the Chicago Jazz Festival (which is, coincidentally, going on this weekend). Attendees only pay admission to get into the shows at the private venues.

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