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Back to Back Titan Wins

For the first time in three years, the Tennessee Titans have won back to back games with a 28-22 victory today at LP Field over the Houston Texans.

It was a refreshing change for frustrated Titans fans to see everything go the Titans way in a season where everything has seemed to go wrong. It was also a game of firsts.

Tony Brown (DT), picked up in early October off the street, grabbed a David Carr fumble in the closing seconds of the first half and rumbled 40 yards for his first NFL touchdown. Wide Receiver Bobby Wade caught a Vince Young pass in the third quarter to also record his first NFL touch down. Pacman Jones, who was questionable going into the game due to his off the field court verdict, grabbed a tipped pass in the early stages of the third quarter to finally pick up his first NFL interception. Jones also scored his second NFL punt return for a touchdown in this game.

Offensively it was a perplexing game. Vince Young did a decent job of managing the game, but certainly didn’t blow anybody away with his anemic stats (7/15, 87 yards passing, 1 passing TD, 44 yards rushing, 1 Rushing TD). The run game was disappointing today after 2 consecutive 100 yd rushing performances Travis Henry only produced 29 rushing yards and 35 yards from Lindale White.

Without a doubt, this game was won by the ability of the Titans to capitalize on the Texans mistakes and the great special teams play.

I have to hand it to Jeff Fisher and the Titans for quickly regaining control of a season that appeared just a few weeks ago to be spinning out of control. This team has shown a certain resilience and character that the past two editions of the Titans (2004 & 2005) seemed to lack.

The schedule doesn’t get any easier for them with Jacksonville on the road next week and I honestly don’t know if this team has the guns to go into that fight and win 3 in a row. But, I can comfortably say that I feel much better about our prospects to go into Alltel stadium and compete for a win than I did three to four weeks ago.

Japanese Consulate in Nashville?

Interesting news for Nashville today — potentially bad news for the battered city of New Orleans: the Japanese consulate is considering a move from New Orleans, where it has resided for 84 years, to Nashville:

NEW ORLEANS — Activists were scrambling Wednesday to try to prevent the Japanese Consulate, which has been in New Orleans since 1922, from leaving.

Although the move has not been approved, Vice Consul Takeshi Kodo confirmed Tuesday that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan has proposed moving the office out of New Orleans.

Neither New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin nor the City Council has been officially informed about the possible move because a decision has not been made, Kodo said.

Think Global, Eat Local

The Tennessean reports on a group of local restaurant merchants, who have formed the Nashville Originals.

It’s not a coll new band, but rather a coalition of locally owned eateries, banding together to do what they can to keep West End from looking like Mallory Lane.

I’m all for this kind of action. They look to pool their buying power in order to keep costs low to compete with the big boys and girls.

Do you part and eat local tonight.

Take the Music City Star to the Titans

For the November 12th game against the Baltimore Ravens, the Music City Star is offering roundtrip service for $20. Find out more here.

I have yet to ride the Star, but I think this could be a nice way to avoid all the game day mess. My question is: Why has it taken them this long to offer the service?

Third Term?

Our own Bill Purcell received a swanky DC award. Apparently, he’s one of the top 9 public officials in the US.

He’s been a decent mayor, in my opinion. When faced with the current options for next year’s election, I say let’s keep Billy around for another shot.

I enjoy sidewalks.

Local Man Wastes Money

I’m not sure if this is romantic or a waste of cash. Today’s City Paper has an article about a Hendersonville man trying to hop on the Internet fundraising bandwagon. His goal is to net 2 million bucks to buy a Super Bowl ad in which he’ll propose to his girlfriend of 4 years.

2 million dollars? For a 30 second proposal? In my opinion, this is stupid, not romantic. I would take the money and run to my new Belle Meade house, where I would propose with a fat diamond.

I love it when Middle Tennessee folks grab headlines with ideas that don’t quite make sense.

At least you’ll be able to read what it says

Have you heard about Wiffiti? It’s an inventive new way to display misspelled public declarations of love (Chachi + Joanie 4ever!!!!), righteousness (Repent!), and lewdness (Suck my toe!) through SMS messages to a public screen.

Tom Campion, who learned about it through Charley Hine’s blog, points out that if Knoxville is cool enough to have their own Wiffiti board, Nashville should be too.

How ’bout it, entrepreneurs? Who’s going to put up the cash to allow us to start defacing the screen?

Newsflash, part 2: We’re not all a bunch of holy rollers

As a compassionate human being, naturally I’m sympathetic to both Sara Evans and Keith Urban in their times of scandal.

As a Nashville booster though, I can’t help but suppress a little giggle when I read outsider assessments of both situations, especially when they include statements like “Hollywood has nothing on Nashville when it comes to scandals.”

Sure, part of my amusement may have overtones of schadenfreude, but the rest of it, I think, is bewilderment at what sounds again like “Who knew those crazy Southerners did anything but sleep with their cousins and go to church?”

Pimp My Symphony!


In the interest of starting yet another argument, allow me to pose the following question:

How do you feel about Nashville’s brand new, classy symphony hall … with a Cadillac for sale parked in the fuckin common area of the front? Because that’s what I encountered this evening.

It’s not been, what, two weeks? a month? since the Symphony Hall opened? And it’s already a car sales lot. Great. Thanks. This really makes me proud. I bet Beethoven would have totally loved the deluxe cup-holders and extreme handlebars on the new Cadillac SUV-de-ville. I feel so much more cultured, now that we have our new symphony hall. While I’ve got you here, would you be interested in some car insurance or tire rotations? No, really. Because, I really don’t think Nashville has enough places to sell things — I’m really glad that we’re using our new symphony hall as a car-sales lot. It’s totally awesome. I think this conveys an awesome message to people that visit Nashville: we sell everything. For cheap. Just ask. Want some space on stage? We can move the violas out of the way. [insert viola joke here]


Question of the Day: School Protest Edition

Sounds like there was a sweet protest at Hunters Lane yesterday.

I didn’t protest like this in high school, but I’d like to now.

What would you protest in Nashville?

(If you need ideas, check out C Wage’s post about the Westin.)

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