Are You Happy Now?

“Play Vince! Why won’t the Titans play Vince? When are we going to give Vince a chance?”

Today you’ve seen why Vince hasn’t been playing. He IS NOT ready! Vince continues to show flashes of the brilliance he is capable of producing and I am encouraged by the future of our franchise. But, if you think scoring a touchdown when you are down 28-6 is proof that he is ready, you would be wrong.

And in yet another classy move by a Titans player, Albert Haynesworth was thrown out of the game for kicking a Cowboy player in the bare head with his cleat causing the Dallas player to be cut open.

I’m just as sick of saying it as you are reading it. The Tennessee Titans are an embarrassment to our city. Sure they have once again had their hats handed to them on the field by a vastly superior team. But that is not the issue.

This team is an undisciplined bunch of cry baby thugs. Hey Albert, you got beat fair and square. Taking a cheap shot at the opposing player only shows your true character and, whether you want to acknowledge it or not, reflects badly on our city and team. As far as I am concerned, GO AWAY! I will boo you and bad mouth you for the rest of time.

What a year…and it’s only 4 games old!

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