Colts 14 Titans 13

I hate to say I told you so, but I did. The Titans are now 0-5.

Let’s get to the questions I posed before the game.

Can Vince Young show improvement in his second NFL start?

I think Vince showed more flashes of brilliance, but once again proved he is not ready. Burning all 3 of your time outs in the second half because you are not watching the play clock is a classic rookie mistake. I think VY has all the physical tools necesary, but he has yet to prove he has the mental ones.

Can the Titans defense keep the score close or will this be the third 40 point blow out of this young season?

Yes, the defense kept it close. I think this is a major step forward for them. Keeping Peyton Manning fooled for 3 1/2 quarters is a major accomplishment. They played well enough to win.

Can Chris Brown, Travis Henry, or Lendale White (whoever the 2 active running backs are) finally put up a good showing with the ground game? ( A good showing would be 80-100 rushing yards for the game.)

Travis Henry (10 rushes and 123 yards) got it done. This was another major step forward.

Can the Titans gain more turnovers (interceptions & fumbles) than they lose?

The Titans gave up one interception at the very end of the second half and managed to grab a fumble and an interception off of the Colts. Another solid move forward.

If the Titans were able to make so many crucial improvements, how did they still manage to lose? Because as i said before, they were out matched by a better team.

It was one hell of an effort, but moral victories don’t count in the standings.

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