Tower Records: Bankruptcy’s a Bitch!

So it looks like the two branches of Tower Records in town plan to have a liquidation sale before closing up shop for good here in Nashville. I’ll be sad to see the West End store gone since it’s always fun to drive by and look at the paintings on the side of the building. I was always amazed that Tower commissioned all of those paintings — not sure if they had them at every store, though.

So while I’m sad to see it go, I can’t say that I’ve been in to the store much recently, which is shameful considering all of the time I spent there in the mid-90’s. There are just too many online stores and sites that either sell music cheaper or make it easier to shop. Let’s see, would I rather get up, fight traffic on West End, search through stacks of CDs, and then possibly not find what I want or would I rather sit on my fat ass, type in Amazon or iTunes, and then buy the album or song I’m trying to find? It’s hard for a brick and mortar store to compete with a online site that has no real-estate expense, no store staff expense, and an almost limitless inventory. It’s all about the Long Tail nowadays.

So, farewell Tower. You’ll always have a soft spot in my heart from my high school days.

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