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There’s a small chance that it might snow, maybe, on Friday.

freak out

Everybody FREAK OUT.

no cabs for you

This act requires explanation:

The Metro Transportation Licensing Commission today denied a series of requests that would have boosted the number of taxicabs buzzing around Nashville by 50 percent.

I am having trouble thinking of a reason why this is a good idea. It hardly makes sense in the context of decreasing Nashville’s automobile dependency — more cabs on the road means less cars congesting downtown in general, particularly with parking. Taxi cabs are a part of a good transportation system, not a competitor to it.

The Tennesseean article only offers as justification a quote from a taxi driver saying he’s glad because it means less competition. While this wouldn’t exactly be the first time a government made a bad decision to eliminate competition in the market, I have a hard time believing that metro is looking out for the almighty taxicab lobby in Nashville.

So what’s the deal here? It’s ridiculously hard to get a cab in Nashville. I have been stranded without recourse more times than I can remember in Nashville: taking a cab from point A to point B only to have to offer to sell my firstborn to get a cab back out to point B to pick me up. It’s ridiculous.

Roger Abramson weighs in:

… I am not sure I would voted for the permits in this case, for one simple reason: We only have one taxicab inspector who gets paid the same regardless of how many taxicabs are out there. He’s already orverworked and underpaid, and everytime we’ve asked the council for a little more money for inspectors, we have always been rebuffed. Unless that situation gets rectified somehow, you may never see another substantial increase in permits.

Of course, this all presupposes that we even should be regulating taxicabs in the first place. Perhaps that’s the real conversation to have.

No doubt.

Local Boy Makes Good

Have you seen our own Sam Davidson covered in today’s City Paper? Check it out. It’s all about the site he co-created with his friend Stephen Moseley,

Congratulations on the coverage, Sam, and keep up the great work!

The greening of Nashville

Didja see the article in the Tennessean about the green roof on the Westview condo building?

The roof of the downtown condominium building is eight stories up. But its 6,000 square feet are covered with plants, bushes and trees, all growing in a lightweight aggregate material.

Oddly, I was just talking about green roofing with my neighbor, a developer associated with projects such as the Werthan Lofts.

Even more oddly, we were also talking about the ways in which Nashville takes lessons from other cities, notably Portland, OR, and Chicago — both cities in which I’ve lived — and the ways in which it sometimes falls short of executing based on those lessons. (Such as with the new public square, which is, outside of the “green roof” effect of the parking garage, a development I respect for what it accomplished, but am underwhelmed by in other respects.) Anyway, the article also states:

Portland, Ore., was the first American city to embrace green roofs, but Chicago “pushed harder,” Berghage said.

The Portland-Nashville connection has been mentioned in the media a number of times in the past few years, most notably with the addition of Tom Turner, formerly of the Portland Business Alliance, to the Nashville Downtown Partnership, but also in other, more subtle ways, such as the LunchLINE trolley as a baby’s first step version of Portland’s Fareless Square.

Every little bit helps. I know it’s not everyone’s top priority, but improving the way we approach ecology in Nashville should have a positive impact on the quality of life of the community as a whole, not to mention the world at large.

If you think a green roof may be for you, here’s an overview that may be useful.

How about a Marriott, too?

It seems that the green light for lower Broad’s proposed Westin is fueling the fire on downtown hotel development. Rex reports today that Marriott Corporation’s CEO, Bill Marriott, Jr., was in town recently checking out plans for the new convention center. No doubt he wants Marriott to have a hand in any convention center-related hotel development, too.

Titans New Uniforms

Even though the Tennessee Titans are actually playing well against the Eagles right now (24-6, 3rd Quarter) the season has come to talking about the uniforms.

The Titans broke out their dark blue on blue earlier this season (a first for the franchise) and today they have broken out the powder blue pants on their away unis. I thought something was wrong with my TV when I first saw them, but after watching them for a while, I kind of like it. It’s a small throw back to the old Oilers look.

In case you are curious, Jeff Fisher is a somewhat superstitious guy. With the poor record and losing streaks he believes in changing the look of something to try and spark a new streak. Don’t you remember the beard that he grew out for a few years during the playoffs? These new looks are all a part of the same idea. Change your look and you can create a new identity. Looks like it’s working for today.

As soon as a pic becomes available from the game I will post it. So what do you think?

Call the Game Right Now

I’m currently watching the Titans-Eagles game. Yet again, we’re up on an opponent at the half who is supposed to be beating our brains out.

What can I say? We play a mean 30 minutes of football. And we could be contenders if our games only lasted this long. But, we’ll go the locker room with the score 10-6 and have to come back out and play 2 more quarters.

And, I fear the final will not read in our favor: 22-10.

About Those Lottery Commercials

I’m sure you’ve seen those Tennessee Lottery commercials. You know – the ones where the guy buys his parents an RV or his brother a boat. Or the one where the old lady gets married? They’re really touchy-feely ads to pull on your heartstrings for 30 seconds, hoping that you’ll wish you could love your family enough to buy a bunch of lottery tickets.

Gimme a break.

If any of us (well, most of us) had millions of bucks, sure, we’d by our loved ones whatever they wanted – a house, a Hummer, a PlayStation 3. But the fact remains – I will not be guilted into buying scratch offs and Powerball tickets.

So keep running ads all you want, Tennessee Lottery. But be warned that my main motivation for buying lotto tickets will not change. My sole purpose in wishing upon stars when the jackpot goes over $100 million has been and always will be my desire to fill a vault with gold coins and swim around in it like Scrooge McDuck.

Flying Out of Nashville

I am fascinated by air travel and everything that makes it what it is. Today, the Tennessean ran this article detailing the logistics of trying to make over a place that’s open 18 hours a day.

I’m flying Jet Blue (for the first time) on Wednesday. I’m sure I’ll get there in plenty of time to take a quick walk and see what’s been worked on.

And while dreams of Baja Burrito and Bongo Java dance in our heads, we must be patient. Crappy food will have to last us on our delays for a while still.

Westin Green Light

The Westin Hotel project got a green light from the Metro Planning Commission yesterday. We’ve talked about the Westin project extensively here, and I’ve made no secret that I am opposed to the idea.

But, it’s good to see that I’m not the only one, and that if the project does go through, it will at least be held to some semblance of community scrutiny.

The project goes to the Metro Council for approval next.

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