Strip Clubs Closed

Club Platinum and Brass Stables strip clubs have been shutdown for “failing to have permits and follow certain rules”.

According to Channel 5:

“When officers went inside this club on different dates and times, the three-foot rule wasn’t being honored at all,” an undercover officer part of the investigation said.

More than five times, undercover officers saw first hand how dancers at Club Platinum broke the law repeatedly.

“The dancers told undercover officers that they were aware of the new adult entertainment laws and regulations, but they were trying to get around it” the officer said.

Something tells me this may have been one of the most thorough investigations in Metro Police history. I’m sure the elite undercover unit found it necessary to “observe” these rules being broken on numerous occasions so that there would not be a “rush to judgment”. I can almost here these brave officers saying, “I know we’ve been there 30 times in 2 months, but let’s go again tonight and be absolutely sure we have our facts straight. Now, who’s buying?”

For those of you who are uninitiated in the three foot rule, it means that a dancer must stay three feet away from a customer even during a “VIP” or “private” dance. So basically, the days of the “lap dance” or dry hump are supposed to be gone in Nashville’s strip clubs. I haven’t been to one of these establishments in Nashville in a long time so I had no idea Nashville had decided to go this route.

What this means to these businesses is simple economics. The three foot rule means fewer men will be willing to shell out $25-$40 for a private dance when the lady of your choosing is practically standing in the next room. So apparently, they tried to avoid the new law and hope it would not be enforced. It appears it will be.

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