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Costco comes to the West Side

Ten pound cereal boxes and cheap big screen TVs have finally arrived in West Nashville. Looks like Sam’s Club on Old Hickory is in for some serious competition!

Next up for the Nashville West development: Dick’s Sporting Goods and Best Buy, among others.

Mayor Briley?

The Nashville City Paper has confirmed what Nashville politicos have been talking about since last Tuesday: David Briley wants Bill Purcell’s job. There’s no doubt that he faces an already crowded field – one that includes Middle Tennessee political heavyweight and fellow Democratic standard-bearer Bob Clement – but after DA Torry Johnson dropped out, it certainly doesn’t hurt to have a fresh face in the race. It’s going to be very interesting to watch these guys attempt to fill Purcell’s (quite large) mayoral shoes.

Strip Clubs Closed

Club Platinum and Brass Stables strip clubs have been shutdown for “failing to have permits and follow certain rules”.

According to Channel 5:

“When officers went inside this club on different dates and times, the three-foot rule wasn’t being honored at all,” an undercover officer part of the investigation said.

More than five times, undercover officers saw first hand how dancers at Club Platinum broke the law repeatedly.

“The dancers told undercover officers that they were aware of the new adult entertainment laws and regulations, but they were trying to get around it” the officer said.

Something tells me this may have been one of the most thorough investigations in Metro Police history. I’m sure the elite undercover unit found it necessary to “observe” these rules being broken on numerous occasions so that there would not be a “rush to judgment”. I can almost here these brave officers saying, “I know we’ve been there 30 times in 2 months, but let’s go again tonight and be absolutely sure we have our facts straight. Now, who’s buying?”

For those of you who are uninitiated in the three foot rule, it means that a dancer must stay three feet away from a customer even during a “VIP” or “private” dance. So basically, the days of the “lap dance” or dry hump are supposed to be gone in Nashville’s strip clubs. I haven’t been to one of these establishments in Nashville in a long time so I had no idea Nashville had decided to go this route.

What this means to these businesses is simple economics. The three foot rule means fewer men will be willing to shell out $25-$40 for a private dance when the lady of your choosing is practically standing in the next room. So apparently, they tried to avoid the new law and hope it would not be enforced. It appears it will be.

Name the Place

You guys think you’re so tough, instantly guessing every single one. Try this on for size:


UPDATE: Okay, I’ve strung it out long enough. This is a broad wall in Banker’s Alley in downtown Nashville. Banker’s Alley is the alley that runs east-west and runs into printer’s alley.

Good, now that we’ve established what qualifies as pointlessly difficult to identify I can start moving back the other direction.

I came, I stood in line, I voted… finally

Looks like there really might be a decent turnout for these midterm elections.

Long line at polling place, North Nashville

We got to our polling place just after 7 AM, and there was already a line out the door. I went to get coffee and juice for me and Karsten, picking up a few extra cups of coffee for anyone else in line who wanted them (several groggy people were happy to take them), and got back in line and waited.

And waited.

And waited.

When we checked in, Karsten sailed through, but I wasn’t on the books for some reason. So I had to go to the fail-safe voting table, wait for one of the volunteers to call in to the checkpoint to make sure I was legitimate, and then go back in line and wait.

And wait.

And wait.

I finally did get to vote, though, and I hope everyone else gets a chance, too. It feels so good to wear that “I Voted” sticker, doesn’t it?

The Return of Air

I fully expect all of LP Field to erupt when Steve McNair returns to Nashville this weekend.

I also fully expect he and Derrick Mason to play catch like they’re in the backyard while our defense (if that’s what you call it) watches and dreams about what could have been.

And of course Vince will be wishing he had McNair as mentor for this season, instead of Kerry Collins as an excuse to start the future of your franchise before it’s time.

But, Vince is the future, and Floyd Reese is not, which will also be evident from the 52-14 beat down McNair hangs on the scoreboard that needs to be replaced.

Gotta love Nashville sports. Long live Air McNair, whether in Nashville or Baltimore.

Name the Place



UPDATE: As noted in the comments, Anonymous Broker got it in one: It’s the bench outside by the bathrooms at the Greenhouse, which as it turns out is totally awesome (and not lame, crowded and obnoxious as usual) on Sunday evenings. No one was there. We got to sit out by a nice fire and drink $3 Stella on tap. Very nice. ++ Will do business with again.

I gotta start making these harder.

Titans Lose 37-7

With a blow out like the Titans experienced today at Jacksonville, I will keep this short. I just don’t see any point in going into great detail.

This game was without a doubt the most disappointing outing for QB Vince Young throwing three interceptions. I have said here before and today’s performance just proved it once again, Vince Young has a lot of learning to do before he saves this franchise. In his defense, the Titan receivers made drop after drop at key moments and the running game has once again gone AWOL so a fan cannot reasonably pin the entire loss on VY.

Pacman Jones did not play in this game serving a one game suspension for his latest off the field incident. I can’t help but wonder. Would the defense have played better with him in the game? Obviously, he can’t correct the offensive mistakes, but it is possible Jacksonville would not have scored as many points on the turnovers had he been in the secondary to curtail the seemingly unstoppable passing game.

Should he have played? Or will we accept losing in exchange for a disciplined team?

This season is half over and the schedule only looks worse. Hang in there, Titans fan.

Claudia Nunez

I have been vocal about this elsewhere, but I wanted to talk about the case of Claudia Nunez here, as well, because it’s something that should be important (one way or another) to anyone that lives in Nashville, as cases like Claudia’s are going to be increasing in numbers with the changes in our immigration laws:

I Wanna Be Seen

Nashville music industry mogul Buddy Killen has passed away at the age of 73. There’s narry a soul in Nashville who doesn’t remember the Stockyard’s infamous ads, with Buddy crooning (with questionable skill) “I wanna be seen at the Stockyard!”

I didn’t really know Buddy Killen, but I was seen at the Stockyard. A lot. I was a busboy there for a few years, and my dad played down in the Bullpen Lounge back when it was the place to me. That place was a lot better off before he sold it. He was a corny, corny man, and in that sense he represented Nashville very well, I think.

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