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Best Burger in Nashville?

I had the chance to eat at Fat Mo’s today, and I’ve gotta say, the place definitely lived up to its rep of having the best burger in town. For the uninitiated, Fat Mo’s is a no-nonsense, drive-through burger place with multiple locations around town. I happened to eat at the one in Madison, and though I only got the Little Mo – 1/4 pound – burger, I was still more than satisfied. The burger was thick and juicy with all the right trimmings, and it reminded me of my all-time favorite burger joint, Five Guys. So where else do you MetBlog readers go for good burgers in Nashville?

Walkins Welcome

Walkins Welcome

I would make this a “Name This Place” post, but I think it’s too tough.. Unless someone wants to surprise me?

Starwood Wiki

So the great Starwood is closing.

Let’s see how many different artists were seen at that outdoor venue by Nashville bloggers (and readers).

Leave your show list in the comments.

Hard Hitting News

I’m glad we live in such a great city where flurries make headlines.

H.G. Hill Urban Market

Just wondering if anyone (especially you downtown dwellers) has had the chance to check out H.G. Hill’s Urban Market in the Viridian? Supposedly it opened last week, and I understand that it’s small, but not too small, with a pretty good selection of fresh meats and vegetables.

Next time I am downtown for lunch, I’ll report back – but if anyone has already shopped there, fill us in.

What are your thoughts on the English Only / English First law?

I’ve been out of town all this week on business in Salt Lake City, so I haven’t had the time or focus to read up on the English Only / English First / whatever stuff that’s happening. But some people out there are doing a great job covering it. Personally, I can’t see whatever legitimate benefits it might entail being worth the negative message that it sends to speakers of other languages and people outside of our area. It makes me want to sigh and say, “OK, maybe we’re not so civilized here after all.”

Comments are open: what are your thoughts?

If they’re the Big Apple, are we the Little Apple Pie?

I’ve written here before about the sort of “I guess they’re not all toothless hicks” sort of mentality that sometimes comes across when non-locals get involved in speculating on Nashville’s development, so you might think I would scoff at this article in the City Paper in which William Williams takes a “gee whiz” view of a Manhattan-based investment firm purchasing land in East Germantown. But the truth is, I’m with William: I can’t help but be excited to see Nashville recognized for the cool, up-and-coming city it is.

Indeed, Ben and Charley Moss sense Nashville is primed to emerge as one of the five (of about 40) most vibrant, respected and cool second-tier American cities. Though entrenched in Manhattan, the father-and-son team is pumped about buying an old warehouse in Germantown.

Think about that for a moment. Because only five — hey, maybe only three — years ago, such a thought would have elicited chuckles.

I’m pretty pumped about it, too, especially this quote:

“There is a lot of potential for Germantown,” Moss said. “And we would very much like to buy more property in Nashville.”

Hel-lo, property values.

Hat tip: S-townMike at Enclave

OK, so it happened after all

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OK, so we did get a little snow.

Good thing…

we were prepared for all that snow, huh?

Seriously, though, I know it’s a big deal. I joke because I’m from Chicago originally, and when I was growing up in that area, we kids had to wish for practically several feet of snowfall at once before school would be shut down for a day. But then, I checked around online this morning to see how Chicago’s snow removal budget compares with Nashville. Although I couldn’t find solid numbers, what I saw made it look like Chicago’s budget may be at least 3 or 4 times higher. And rightly so. So when there’s even a little chance of snow in Nashville, it’s a big deal, simply for lack of resources to deal with it.

But you all knew that, I’m sure. I’m just always amused at people outside this area who act really surprised or patronizing about all the precautions taken in Nashville and the rest of the South when snowfall is predicted, without taking into account the resources to deal with the snow.

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