If they’re the Big Apple, are we the Little Apple Pie?

I’ve written here before about the sort of “I guess they’re not all toothless hicks” sort of mentality that sometimes comes across when non-locals get involved in speculating on Nashville’s development, so you might think I would scoff at this article in the City Paper in which William Williams takes a “gee whiz” view of a Manhattan-based investment firm purchasing land in East Germantown. But the truth is, I’m with William: I can’t help but be excited to see Nashville recognized for the cool, up-and-coming city it is.

Indeed, Ben and Charley Moss sense Nashville is primed to emerge as one of the five (of about 40) most vibrant, respected and cool second-tier American cities. Though entrenched in Manhattan, the father-and-son team is pumped about buying an old warehouse in Germantown.

Think about that for a moment. Because only five — hey, maybe only three — years ago, such a thought would have elicited chuckles.

I’m pretty pumped about it, too, especially this quote:

“There is a lot of potential for Germantown,” Moss said. “And we would very much like to buy more property in Nashville.”

Hel-lo, property values.

Hat tip: S-townMike at Enclave

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  1. David Hunter (unregistered) on February 7th, 2007 @ 11:24 pm

    Photo of the warehouse that was sold:

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