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Mayor’s Housing Budget


The NHPP gathered to rally on Friday morning before the Mayor announced a disappointing 50 housing units, for a total of $600,000 in his budget. The NHPP was hoping for and has been rallying for 200 units. Carmon Ryals says that 50 is not enough, but that they are “confident the mayor is going to find more in the capital budget”.

More info at the Tennessean, and at the NHPP’s website. The NHPP has more detail on the budget, as well.

I’ve got more pictures from the rally on Friday morning here.

Homeless Protestors Released

Charges were dropped against all 16 of the homeless advocates who were arrested on Tuesday night. From the Tennessean’s article:

Metro General Sessions Judge John Aaron Holt dismissed criminal trespassing cases against 16 people who were arrested before dawn Wednesday as they tried to spend the night at the downtown facility near James Robertson Parkway and Second Avenue North.

In dismissing the charges, Holt said only that there was no basis for the arrests, according to Nashville lawyer Patrick Frogge, who represented many of the homeless advocates.

“That is the most public arena in Nashville,” Frogge said of the courthouse. “If one wants to lodge a complaint against the government, there is no more public place in Nashville than that.”

The cops, however, apparently disagree:

“It is a park, and if you are there after 11 you are going to be arrested,” Metro police spokeswoman Kristin Mumford said.

The NHPP will be regrouping tomorrow (Friday) morning in the public square at 6:30AM:

Public Expression of our First Amendment Rights in our fight for housing.
We will be gathering on Friday morning between 6:30am – 7:00am and continue to THANK THE MAYOR and let him know WE NEED 200 Units. Please bring your friends and family before you head to work. We are eager to hear his words about how he wants our city to spend our 1 Billion plus per year budget.

Without Housing — Arrests

Housing is a Human Right

I stopped by the the Nashville Homeless Power Project‘s “Urban Plunge” sleepout last night and stayed as long as I could. The event gives people the opportunity to experience homelessness by spending a night out in Nashville. They were gathered on the public square, and the mood was upbeat, calm and relatively peaceful. Dinner was served, and a few movies were shown.Many councilpeople stopped by, including mayoral candidates Bob Clement and David Briley.

At around 1:45, Vice Mayor Howard Gentry gave a brief speech announcing that anyone staying past the permit time would be arrested on criminal trespassing charges. At this point, they have relocated to Riverfront park, but I am surprised to learn that 16 people were arrested at around 2:20AM and are currently locked up for trespassing..

I’ll update as I learn more.

Marché Rendez-Vous

We had a fine, delicious brunch at Marché yesterday and spotted mayoral candidate David Briley at a nearby table. (Coincidentally, the guy who’s building our new front door was seated at the same table.) Our brunch companions saw some folks they knew, as well, and invited them to join our table. Our friends’ friends were very surprised to learn that we own the house they seriously considered buying two and a half years ago.

Clearly, either Nashville is a really small town, or Marché is just the kind of place where you never know who you’re going to see.

Has this kind of thing happened to you? Share your small town Nashville story in the comments.

GEC No More…

The Nashville Business Journal reports today that the Gaylord Entertainment Center will soon be dropping the Gaylord name. In accordance with an agreement reached a couple years ago between the Predators and Gaylord Entertainment, the company name will come down on March 16th and the building will be known simply as the Nashville Arena. Until a new naming sponsor comes along, that is.

Does anyone else think that “Nissan Center” has a nice ring to it?

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