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I went to the Sounds game last night. Since the new stadium deal didn’t get done, Nashville really needs to pack it in and ship the team off instead of forcing people to have a subpar baseball experience. All the thirsty Thursdays or Tuesdays or everydays in the world couldn’t save this sinking ship.

Not only is the stadium old, the food terrible, the gimmicks awful, the excitement nonexistent and the atmosphere depressing, the freakin’ scoreboard doesn’t even work.

Seriously, Sounds. The only other baseball game I’ve been to where the scoreboard worked worse that yours was my own little league game back in ’89 when the power went out. There is no reason a AAA team shouldn’t have a fully-functioning scoreboard. You don’t have to have a monster LCD jumbotron, but you do need to be able to let folks know what inning it is. I don’t know how many total bulbs are in that giant guitar, but I’d say only about 10% of them were working last night. I could tell who was winning and what the count was, but I had no idea who was playing, who was up to bat, or what advertisers wanted me to visit their businesses.

It would have been one hell of a rigging job, but the old Preds scoreboard should take the place of the oversized blue guitar in left-center.

I like baseball. I like the fact that Nashville has a team. But the reality is that Vanderbilt is not only a better team, but they have a better experience overall for the fan. Unfortunately, their season is over in a few weeks, and all local baseball lovers who want to really enjoy being a spectator will have to drive to Jackson, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Memphis, Louisville, or Atlanta.

Other than a swanky new stadium, any ideas out there for improving Nashville’s minor league experience?

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  1. Paul Nicholson (unregistered) on May 23rd, 2007 @ 11:58 am

    Not only is the stadium old, the food terrible, the gimmicks awful, the excitement nonexistent and the atmosphere depressing…

    Didn’t you just describe any professional baseball game anyhwere? Except for maybe the ‘old stadium’ part in a few towns.

    …any ideas out there for improving Nashville’s minor league experience?

    Um…get a minor league basketball team? minor league hockey? …or do what MLB needs to do and add a shot-clock-style timer on pitches and the batter getting in the dang box. If the game isn’t on TV it should take an hour and a half tops to play a regulation baseball game.

    [baseball troll crawls back in to cave]

  2. WSB Chris (unregistered) on May 23rd, 2007 @ 3:22 pm

    First Paul must never have been to a baseball game at Miller Park. The food is actually quite good and this season the place has been rocking also why do people pay good money to go a baseball game and then complain about getting to much entertainment for their dollar. If you are in that much of a hurry go speed dating or something I was at a 12 inning game this season at Wrigley between the Brewers and Cubs best time I have had in months.

    Back to Sams original question the stadium is the key while Brewers games were fun in their old stadium it is night and day since Miller park was built. If the owner ship is serious about having their team in Nashville they need to keep trying to find a way to get the new stadium. Getting Miller park built was a war but it was worth it.

    Other than that they need to do what they can to fix the stadium they play in now. You are right the scoreboard should work etc that is simple stuff to fix.

    I hope you guys find a way to make it work.

    WSB Chris

  3. Paul Nicholson (unregistered) on May 23rd, 2007 @ 6:19 pm

    …too much entertainment for their dollar.

    Key word here is entertainment. The problem is that when the game goes 12 innings, i’ve been there for 3-4 hours and gotten 1-2 hours of entertainment. That’s the key.

    Baseball is a cool game.
    Love to play it.
    Painful to watch.

    But i know i am overstating, and my experiences have been limited.
    Its all good.

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