Finally, Local Politics Gets Interesting

I’ve had a hard time getting fired up about the local elections coming up next month. Our mayoral race seems like just another roundup of the usual suspects, and things get even less interesting down the ballot. So I was surprised to see this headline in today’s Nashville City Paper: DUI questions surround vice mayoral candidate. Now I can’t say for sure that the woman listed on the three separate DUI arrests is the same woman that’s running for Vice Mayor, but it certainly seems like more than a coincidence. And then there’s this:

Perry, when asked if, indeed, the DUI arrests were hers, refused to say.

“Unfortunately, when you don’t blow in this state, it is held against you without proof — when you sign your drivers license, you apparently agree to that. Unfortunately, that is the way it works,” Perry said in apparent reference to the state’s implied consent law.

Interesting. Now, I will say that everyone makes mistakes. We have all done things we shouldn’t have done and many of us have probably gotten away with it a time or two. But to have not one, not two, but three DUI arrests and then run for Vice Mayor of our fair city? To me, that’s a little much.

If Perry the candidate and Perry the DUI queen turn out to be one and the same… well, I think I’ll have to vote for one of the others.

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