We were out of town over the 4th enjoying a small town Independence Day in Sewanee. While we were gone, some yahoo* stole all of the political signs out of my front yard.

It’s not like I was espousing particularly controversial beliefs. I wasn’t bashing Bush or educating folks about Darfur or bitching about mosquito spray. I was just showing my support for a few Metro Council candidates and my mayoral preference. Hell, they even stole the sign for the guy that’s running unopposed in my district!

I sincerely hope that this was the work of some understimulated teenagers with too much summertime on their hands and not some sort of neighborhood censorship.

If the little miscreants need something to keep them occupied, I still haven’t cleaned out my gutters from last fall…

*colloquial term for dumbass, not the humongous internet presence that sues people like me for speaking their name in vain.

Update-I don’t know if Ronnie Steine or his campaign workers read this blog, or maybe somebody got a guilty conscience. Either way, a “Steine for Council” sign magically reappeared on our front lawn today. Well done. That sort of organization earns my support!

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