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Hotel Indigo Makes Blue and Green Splash on West End

If you’ve driven on West End Avenue between I-40 and Vanderbilt at all in the last few months, you’ve seen it. Big and blue and neon green and, well, kind of ugly… it’s the new Hotel Indigo at the corner of West End and 18th Ave. The former office building (and, as some of you may remember, home to a gentlemans club on the top floor) has been completely repurposed by Atlanta’s Wesley Hotels Group and is home to the boutique concept Hotel Indigo as of last Friday. The girlfriend and I had lunch at Atlanta Bread Company across the street on Saturday and therefore had the chance to look around the place.

First of all, kidding about the blue and green stucco aside, the exterior of the hotel isn’t particularly inviting. There’s no focal point at the building’s front, so it’s hard to tell where the main entrance is. The front doors look like the front doors of any average retail shopping center – certainly not the impressive entryway a hotel charging $250 per night should posess. Also, with all the money they spent on the renovation, they didn’t spend money to fix the roof of the solarium next to the front entrance. Seeing broken roof flashing before you walk in the front door of a hotel is never a good sign.

Upon entering the building, however, things improve dramatically. I’ve been in this building before when it was mainly office, and the transformation of the space is nothing short of dramatic. They’ve added an impressive staircase to the second floor directly in front of the entrance, and filled the walls with colorful, music-oriented murals – a nice touch. The softly colored wood floors were another plus, though you could tell they were a little cheap. Overall the lobby felt very hip, exuding a bright, casual but crisp ambiance that definitely impressed me.

City Paper: Do the Preds Deal

The City Paper today writes an editorial quite similar to the one I posted here a couple weeks ago. Compared to the Convention Center deal – and to a lot of the things Metro spends money on – the deal to keep the Predators in town is a no-brainer.

We’ll see if Dean feels the same way.

Fall is now happening

Germantown Cafe has swapped out some seasonal ingredients on some of their standard offerings, and I must tell you: the new green plate is fantastic. Even if you’re not a vegetarian, if you occasionally feel like eating a meatless plate, this is the one to eat. A stack of crispy eggplant slices is artfully arranged to one side with roasted yellow tomatoes, braised spinach, and marinated portobello mushrooms layered in between. Meanwhile, on the rest of the plate are elegant spreads of butternut squash puree. The whole thing is simply divine.

And if you’ve never been to Germantown Cafe, do I even need to tell you that it should be a priority?

Devastating News…

… for those of us who travel to NYC frequently, anyway. JetBlue has announced they are pulling out of Nashville effective January 6, 2008. The company says they need to “redeploy assets.” Understandable considering the cutthroat nature of the airline industry, but I’ve never flown on a JetBlue flight to or from BNA that wasn’t at least 80% full. And I fly the route quite often.

Oh well – back to $400+ roundtrips on Delta, AA, and Continental. With no satellite TV. It was fun while it lasted.

Blog Action Day – Nashville Style

Today is Blog Action Day, and over 15,000 bloggers will be talking about the environment. Here’s how you can take a step in the right direction here in Nashville to improve the environment.

Check out the newly launched Greener Nashville for all of your green needs.
Visit my own CoolPeopleCare for daily tips on making the world a better place.

Support organizations doing great environmental work, such as:
Cumberland River Compact
Tennessee Environmental Council
Nashville Tree Foundation
Middle Tennessee Clean Air Partnership
The TMA Group

Gather some buddies together and watch Kilowatt Ours by local filmmaker Jeff Barrie.
Check out Green Drinks once a month and meet some cool green folks in the city.

Nashville’s getting greener – leave a comment below and let us know what’s hip in Nashville when it comes to the environment.

The Ice Cream Season Nears the End

After brunch this morning, the family went to Bobbie’s Dairy Dip. The weather was perfect for being outside and even for eating ice cream.

As the leaves change color, football gets exciting and hits of cooler weather are in the air, chances for outdoor ice cream enjoyment are coming to a close. Even though Bobbie’s will be open until mid-December, most of us would rather we enjoy our dipped cones when the sun’s shining and we can’t see our breath.

So, Nashville: where do you go for ice cream? Let everyone know do we can spend the next few weeks soaking up our dairy delights before Old Man Winter makes us drink cocoa and hot tea.

tangredi’s italian kitchen

I am not much of a restaurant reviewer. My typical reviews of restaurants or music tend to be “it was good. i liked it”. But, I had a good experience I thought I’d relay.. I always pretty much ignored Chez Jose when it was in the little corner spot on Elliston, and thus I never paid much attention to the restaurant that replaced it: Tangredi’s — a little italian place.

Last night, some friends and I were going to go to Chili’s (no, I don’t know either. it wasn’t my idea), and of course it was packed to the gills. Shocker! So, we wandered down to Tangredi’s. We approached with some trepidation, because it’s a fairly small place, and by the looks of it, the entire staff was on a smokebreak out back. But, we were seated promptly in a cozy table. The place was pretty much empty, which is also always cause for alarm. Their bar is pretty expansive, but no beer. Just liquor and wine. I started with scotch and soda and a diet coke. (We were going to a haunted house, so I wanted to make sure to mix some relaxation with a heightened sense of awareness.) I ordered the linquine and clams, the rest of my table had “penne a la vodka” — which looked like penne in some marinara sauce — and a crawfish dish that looked awesome. The clams were great, in a light white wine/garlic sauce. It was tasty.

The place started to fill up later as the Vandy game crowd decided to get food. The menu was reasonable.. $13-17 or so entrees. Nashville is not really known for its Italian food, so I was surprised to find this place. It wasn’t half bad. Good service, good food.. cute waitress, to boot. I’ll be going there again.

Do cooler temperatures get you outdoors or indoors more?

Now that the weather seems to be turning cooler — at least for a little while — thoughts turn to weekend activities that the summer heat makes difficult to enjoy. For me that means cooking and baking more often (I hate running the oven when it’s hot outside), riding my bike and gardening when it’s not too chilly, and getting out to see the leaves turn at Cheekwood and Shelby Park.

What are your favorite autumnal activities in Nashville?

TWTP Presents Defying Gravity

Last weekend, I attended the opening night show of Defying Gravity, performed by Tennessee Women’s Theater Project. Nearly all of my Nashville theater experience has been relegated to the realm of TPAC, so I knew I was in for something a little bit different than what hefty budgets and large auditoriums usually produce.

Watching Defying Gravity is a bit like watching Titanic or United 93. No matter how nice things seem, we all know how it’s going to end. Defying Gravity is the story of Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher chosen to go into space. She was on the doomed Challenger flight when it exploded 73 seconds into its flight.

Only in Nashville

Man pleads guilty to beating girlfriend’s pig

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