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Attention fans of tequila, margaritas, and southwestern tapas: Agave Tequila Lounge is open, and as of my most recent visit, things seem to be in full swing.

I’ll admit, I was a little skeptical when I first heard about Agave. Not because I didn’t like the concept – indeed, I’ve been eager for something other than Las Palmas-style, semi-crappy Mexican food in Nashville. But I was a little put off for that same reason, worried that however strong the idea was, there might be some issues with execution. And I’m happy to report that I was wrong.

First of all, the old Pie Wagon space has been magnificently transformed. Agave’s owners, which include a number of music industry execs and Gulch developers, basically stripped the Pie Wagon building to the core and rebuilt it from scratch. An expansive roof was added, making the place seem much bigger than it actually is, and several garage doors were put up front. In nice weather this is particularly pleasant – and in cold weather, their patio heaters still do the trick.

Then there’s the food. I was pleased with our homemade chips and salsa, and my chorizo chicken was a refreshing change from the sloppy enchiladas I usually get at Cinco de Mayo. (The crowd’s beautiful people certainly distinguish this joint from other Mexican outposts, as well). And though I didn’t have any tequilas straight up since it was a work night, my two different margaritas, both on the rocks with salt, were quite tasty. Though they don’t beat the Margarita Fresca at Rumba, they were as close as any other restaurant in Nashville has come.

I should note that the place is really more bar than restaurant. Though they clearly do focus on the food, with excellent results, the atmosphere is more geared toward facilitating interaction between Nashville’s attractive, young elites. They’re succeeding. Welcome to the Gulch, Agave.

A Don’t Miss Opportunity…

…if you’re at all interested in drama.

Edward Albee is speaking tonight at 6:00 at Ingram Hall at the Blair School of Music on the Vanderbilt University campus on the topic of “The State of Theater and the Arts in America.”

It’s free and I guarantee they’ll be turning folks away at the door. I don’t know how many chances there will be in my lifetime to see someone who has won a Pulitzer Prize, much less THREE of them.

For more details, head on over to here and get the skinny straight from the Commodore’s mouth.

Blue Light Special for Holiday Decorations

Like a lot of people, I start putting up the winter/holiday decorations after Thanksgiving (unlike most retailers, but that’s a different story altogether). So as I’m thinking about whether or not to make any changes from last year, I came across an article in the Tennessean about Project Blue Light which encourages people to include blue lights in their holiday decorations to show support for law enforcement officers who have given their lives in the line of duty as well as current officers.

The project is sponsored by Concerns of Police Survivors (COPS), a national nonprofit group that supports over 15,000 surviving families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. Locally, the effort is endorsed by the Tennessee Highway Patrol which, according to the Tennessean, encourages people to participate as a way to thank officers for keeping neighborhoods and roadways safe.

So, I’m thinking, “This is an interesting idea.” I certainly would like to express my appreciation to local law enforcement officers who have assisted me on several occasions this past year. But how can I integrate some blue lights into my decorations without it looking hokey? And I’m also wondering whether or not this will turn into another “yellow ribbon” campaign where it becomes so commonplace that it loses it’s meaning.

Anyone have any thoughts or suggestions on this? Is this something you would do?

What Happened at 2nd Ave. N and Commerce St. Last Night?

Okay, so who was at 2nd Ave. N and Commerce St. last night around 2:30am? I was. And I heard 2 loud noises that sounded exactly like gunshots. And then people were running, huge crowds running, up the street away from the intersection as fast as possible. Then about 20 police cars, along with a good number of horseback cops, arrived. People got arrested.

What the hell happened? Was anyone there? Did anyone see it go down? I can’t find anything about it on the usual local news sources…

Why Nashville Is A Little Greener This Weekend

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This weekend, Vanderbilt University is hosting what is possibly the most important event in social and environmentally sustainable business practices; Net Impact.

Ok, so I can see you give whoop but it’s a pretty big deal in the business community. Either way, right now Nashville is the epicenter of the green movement with speakers from Patagonia, to Conservation International to Dupont.

If you are out and about on Saturday and feel like dropping in on some interesting speakers, check out Net Impact 2007. Registration is minimal or you can just check out the live blogging at

Charlotte Riverfront

Those of you that have been lamenting the closing of the driving range on Charlotte — well, too bad. You’ll have to continue wandering the city, zombie-like, as I am, searching for another outlet for golf. The driving range won’t be back. What will take its place, though, is apparently a new $250M development taking advantage of the riverfront property:

Plans are in the works for a $250 million development on the Cumberland River that would include live/work units, condos, restaurants, retail and boat homes.

Dubbed The H20 Urban Waterfront District, the project would be on a 35-acre wedge of land tucked away from the strip retail stores of the Charlotte Pike corridor at the site of an abandoned golf driving range.

Sounds like it could be kinda cool.

All Your Happy Hour Answers

Corey at Webbspun Ideas, your “ambassador for Nashville,” has compiled a fairly comprehensive list of where to grab that drink special. I know we’ve tossed around the subject a time or two here, but Corey puts us to shame with his comprehensive lists of where to grad a cheap drink in the vicinity of downtown:


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