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New Italian in Germantown

Via the Nashville Post, I read that Germantown is getting a new Italian place:

DWC Construction is renovating 1,695 square feet of space at 1222 Fourth Ave. N. in Germantown for a restaurant named City House, a new Italian restaurant scheduled to open this fall with Tandy Wilson III, sous chef at Margot CafĂ© in East Nashville and his wife An Kostroski, pastry chef at Margot’s.

A Taste of Thailand

As most of our regular readers already know, I’m an avid fan of little-known, hole in the wall restaurants – particularly when they’re of the ethnic variety. Nothing excites me more than discovering a tasty, locally-owned eatery that’s isn’t packed at lunch and isn’t overwhelmingly expensive. None of you should be surprised, then, by how much I love my latest find: Thai Taste.

Thai Taste is located essentially at the corner of Nolensville Road and Haywood Lane, just south of the epicenter of Nashville’s ethnic dining scene. One of my college buddies who now works in Nashville turned me on to the place last week, taking me out for a quick bite of lunch there. Knowing the usual quality of restaurants in the area, I had high hopes. I was not disappointed.

One of the first things you’ll notice about Thai Taste is the decor: it’s surprisingly upscale for such a modest establishment. White tablecloths, fabric wrapped on the seatbacks, and bold, freshly painted walls lend the interior a bit of a luxurious feel. I immediately feared that the prices would be adjusted upward accordingly, but thankfully I was wrong. My lunch entree included a salad and spring roll for $5.95. Much cheaper than the ubiquitous Royal Thai, and much better.

As for details on the food, I enjoyed a Panang Curry dish with a spice level of medium. My salad was great and so was the curry, not too spicy but with plenty of punch, and with just the right amount of coconut milk so as not to be overwhelming. The best part of the meal, however, was the spring roll: certainly the best I’ve had in Nashville. Needless to say, I’ll be back to Thai Taste just as soon as I can.

SoBro Strikes Again

Word on the street is that Sullivan’s Steakhouse will replace the old Seanachie pub at the corner of 4th Ave and Broadway downtown. Their “Steaks, Martinis and Jazz” theme sounds a little bit like that of F. Scott’s, but considering their Texas roots I am sure the atmosphere will be a little different than that of the Green Hills institution. Anyone ever eaten at a Sullivan’s? Excited or disinterested with this new addition to downtown? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

Refrieds Revisited

And, apparently, we may have to revisit again. Earlier this week I gave you all the heads up that Rosario’s was opening at Villa Place. Professional food reviewers usually give a new restaurant a few weeks before visiting for the first time.

I should have been so patient.

Always on the Cutting Edge, That’s Me.

So am I the last person in Nashville to discover the Which Wich sandwich shop on West End?

Apparently I am, because the rest of you were in line in front of me.

portland brew

Portland Brew’s tanzanian peaberry is the best coffee I’ve ever had.

And no, they aren’t paying me.

(But, I do take donations in the form of coffee beans)

More Options at BNA

Okay, so I flew Southwest yesterday and it was miserable… my flight was delayed four hours coming back and I didn’t get home until 2:00am. But never mind that, because the delays were due to weather, Southwest is still a great airline, and they’re adding even more flights from Nashville International Airport. Seems to me that BNA is really an airport on the rise: With the significant renovation project now underway and what seem like constant additions of new flights, flying out of Nashville is pretty pleasant these days.

Caffeine’s Closed (and I don’t care)

The Tennessean is reporting that Demonbreun coffee shop Caffeine is closed for good.

I tried to go there a week or two ago and it was closed, but the sign said it was being renovated. However, The Tennessean seems to think it’s doors are shut permanently.

Big deal. I though it kind of sucked anyway. Their coffee and coffee drinks were okay, but there’s better atmosphere elsewhere. Their stuff was a little pricey as well, in my opinion. I was always at the bottom of my list of local joints, and I only went there to meet folks when I absolutely had to.

Personally, I think most of the spots on Demonbreun row are getting played out. I’m not sure if the new lofts nearby will spice things up, but as a local, I pretty much steer clear of this area in terms of food and drink, even though it’s close. It’s so 2003.

Then again, if you read the three-sentence story, it does sort of sound like a renovation. Except for the phone thing. Then again, land lines were so 2003.

Follow Up: Brentwood’s China Hut

Chris posted a few days ago about Nashville’s dearth of solid Chinese restaurants. One commenter noted that China Hut in Brentwood was one of their favorite spots. Since my office is just a couple blocks away, I decided to head over there for lunch on Tuesday and check it out. The verdict? Not bad, especially for the price, but it still can’t compete with Chinatown.

Thirsty for Baseball?

Well, the game won’t be held in a shiny new riverfront ballpark, but the beer will be just as cold: Thirsty Thursday at the Sounds game returns to Greer Stadium tonight. $5 tickets and $1 drafts until 8:30pm… see you there!

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