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Name the Place



UPDATE: As noted in the comments, Anonymous Broker got it in one: It’s the bench outside by the bathrooms at the Greenhouse, which as it turns out is totally awesome (and not lame, crowded and obnoxious as usual) on Sunday evenings. No one was there. We got to sit out by a nice fire and drink $3 Stella on tap. Very nice. ++ Will do business with again.

I gotta start making these harder.

Newsflash, part 2: We’re not all a bunch of holy rollers

As a compassionate human being, naturally I’m sympathetic to both Sara Evans and Keith Urban in their times of scandal.

As a Nashville booster though, I can’t help but suppress a little giggle when I read outsider assessments of both situations, especially when they include statements like “Hollywood has nothing on Nashville when it comes to scandals.”

Sure, part of my amusement may have overtones of schadenfreude, but the rest of it, I think, is bewilderment at what sounds again like “Who knew those crazy Southerners did anything but sleep with their cousins and go to church?”

Doesn’t anyone dance in Nashville?

So the coworkers and I were looking to dance Friday night, but no one could think of anywhere to go. We ended up at Tribe so we could at least hear some dance music, watch some videos on the big screen, and move around rhythmically, but I wouldn’t call it dancing. Bear in mind, this was not a crowd that typically frequents gay bars, but we wanted dancing, dammit.

But there must be other options. Of course we would’ve known to go to Wildhorse for country line dancing or whatever, but where do you go when you want to shake your booty?

coup in Thailand

While things are relatively calm here in Nashville, military-coup-wise, as you probably already know, that’s not the case in Thailand right now. Our metro-blogging buddies are all over the latest developments, if you want to follow as this event unfurls.

4th of July in September


Ah, downtown living. I snuggled up on the couch with a book and dozed off — early, for a change, at 8:30PM and slept soundly till 10PM, until my girlfriend dragged me up to bed at 10PM. By around 10:30, I was well on my way to the land of gumdrops and pink unicorns (what, you guys don’t dream about those?). That’s when the booms started. Fireworks? In September? Surely not — must be the opening salvos of World War III. And here I am without a compound, like a sucker.

So, I drag myself out of bed, put on a comical assortment of nearby clothes and head outside to “check it out”. Yeah, it’s fireworks. Big ones. Right on riverfront. Apparently the American Pyrotechnics Association (i think) had a conference in town and they held this show. The show lasted until about 11PM.

It was a little weird — there was no one downtown watching it save for the normal homeless, bar-goers and a few cars that pulled off in the circle on 1st and Broad to watch them. And me, in flip-flops, green shorts and a blue polo, scratching my head in confusion. It was a great show. I just wish they had picked a more appropriate time than 10:30PM on a Wednesday. Not to get all Negative Nelly, but this is not the first time I’ve been woken up by fireworks displays on riverfront for this and that.. It’s not a big deal for me — comes with the territory of living downtown. But if Nashville is serious about its commitment to building a residential community downtown, it does make me wonder if the city will need to start getting more strict about these late night, very noisy events.

Name the Place

Alright, here’s this week’s installment. Name that place:

100 Oaks

Okay, just kidding. Seriously, now:


UPDATE: Jill wins, correctly identifying the hallway in the Market Street Emporium, currently home of Windows on the Cumberland, Nightowl Cafe, and Cafe O2 downstairs. (Our office is right upstairs.)

UPDATE 2: A little birdie told me there are big changes coming in the tenancy of the first two floors of this building, too, and I’m not too happy about what I’ve heard. Hopefully more on this soon..

All Aboard!


I noticed yesterday and tonight that they are starting to take trains on some test runs at the train station here in downtown. Where the Broadway Dinner Train once roamed, now rumbles the Nashville Star!

I don’t have much to add here, so I’ll let the pictures do the talking:

Name the Place

A bit of fun, here. Everyone seems to love those “identify this picture” games, so I thought we could try that here. Here’s our first:


Can anyone identify this location? Winner buys me a beer.

UPDATE: Sarcastro got it in one: It’s the Wall O’ Beer at Broadway Brewhouse. Sarcastro now owes me a beer. (Always read the fine print).

How much do I love being home?

Karsten and I had a long weekend in Minneapolis to visit some friends. Minneapolis is a great place and it was lovely to see our friends, don’t get me wrong, but I’m thrilled to be back home and I’ll be glad if we don’t travel for a while.

I Love This Town

I won’t go into great detail on this… but I just got back from a hellacious road trip. My apologies to the MetBlog community for the lack of postage. I’ll be sure to post more very soon!

I love Nashville for a zillion reasons and I’m very glad to be back home.

OH… weren’t we in the middle of a “100 things about Nashville” list?

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