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When Keyword Search Buys Go Wrong

Hmm…I don’t imagine when AOL and the sold the rights to the ad on the Nashville forecast that they knew they’d be linking to this band.


Stubbing Their Toes With the First Step

The newly proposed ownership group that wants to buy the Predators is asking for some concessions in the arena contract with Metro to help improve profitability. In return, they pledge to try to bring twice as many events into the arena to increase the city’s revenues and help stimulate the downtown economy.

In related news, Eddie Van Halen and The Eddie Van Halen Band* has announced a new tour with Diamond Dave. They’re not coming to Nashville.

Strike one.

*Rockin’ Todd Snider song reference


Tuesday night I went to Robert’s Western World for a spell, and Chris Scruggs was playing steel with the band. I requested Carl Perkins’ Dixie Fried, and the band didn’t know it, but Chris got up, walked them through the changes and knocked out a fuckin’ dead-on rendition.

This is why Chris Scruggs is awesome.

WIndows on the Cumberland Returns

On the heels of the news that one Nashville musical mainstay is closing (12th and Porter), I’ve learned that Windows on the Cumberland is re-opening at its new digs. Here’s the info:

“Windows on the Cumberland”
515 2nd. Ave. South 37210

And here’s the initial schedule:

June 1st, Windows on the Cumberland Grand re-opening and Boots 57th Birthday
6/1-9:30 Fluid Tuesday 11- The Loft $6
6/2-9:30 A.K.A. Rudie 11-The Wayward League $5
6/3- 8pm-Sol Driven Train (from my hometown, Charleston, S.C.) 9- Moon Taxi
10-H-Beam $6 (also my Birthday)
6/7 9pm $2 Thursdays w/ NOTeNEF PROMOTIONS Sexiest Songwriters Night

Stars on the Walk of Fame

Continuing the theme of updating previous stories, Reuters has a story about the inaugural stars to be included on Nashville’s “Walk of Fame.” A more detailed list is available on the Walk of Fame web site (which is a sub-site of the Convention & Visitors Bureau web site).

Reba McEntire, Ronnie Milsap, Fisk Jubilee Singers, Roy Orbison,
Songwriters Boudleaux & Felice Bryant
and Maestro Kenneth D. Schermerhorn

More information about each honoree is available at the link.

So what do you think? Good choices? Bad? Whom do you want to see be honored next? Which music names would it be a crime to overlook?

Tower Records: Bankruptcy’s a Bitch!

So it looks like the two branches of Tower Records in town plan to have a liquidation sale before closing up shop for good here in Nashville. I’ll be sad to see the West End store gone since it’s always fun to drive by and look at the paintings on the side of the building. I was always amazed that Tower commissioned all of those paintings — not sure if they had them at every store, though.

So while I’m sad to see it go, I can’t say that I’ve been in to the store much recently, which is shameful considering all of the time I spent there in the mid-90’s. There are just too many online stores and sites that either sell music cheaper or make it easier to shop. Let’s see, would I rather get up, fight traffic on West End, search through stacks of CDs, and then possibly not find what I want or would I rather sit on my fat ass, type in Amazon or iTunes, and then buy the album or song I’m trying to find? It’s hard for a brick and mortar store to compete with a online site that has no real-estate expense, no store staff expense, and an almost limitless inventory. It’s all about the Long Tail nowadays.

So, farewell Tower. You’ll always have a soft spot in my heart from my high school days.

birth of bluegrass

Does anyone else find it a little weird that they’re labelling the Ryman as the birthplace of bluegrass with the Station Inn right down the street?

I’m just sayin’..

Symphony’s popularity about to see a spike?

According to a poll on the Nashville Business Journal web site, Nashvillians may be far more likely to attend symphony performances now that the performance hall is built and open. Or at least, readers of the Journal are. But I think it probably applies across most of the rest of Nashville’s population. I know going to the symphony had never even crossed my mind before in the three and a half years Karsten and I have been living in Nashville.

What about you? Are you more likely to go? Have you been to see the symphony in the past? Where did they play, anyway?

Jazzville This Weekend

If you love jazz, this is your weekend in Nashville.

This Labor Day weekend features both The Music City Jazz, Blues and Heritage Festival at Riverfront Park and The Franklin Jazz Festival in Historic Downtown Franklin.

Which one to attend depends entirely on your taste. If you like a smaller, sipping vodka at Midnight sound, you will most likely be happier with the lineup at Riverfront Park. If, on the other hand, you prefer a fuller complement of instruments with blazing horns and up-tempo charts I would recommend Franklin. I definitely fall into the latter category and am going to try to make it down to see The Establishment, Half Brass, and The Nashville Jazz Orchestra.

Details for both festivals can be found here and here.

CMA fest breaks records

A-ha, so this is why the Demonbreun strip was even more packed to overflowing than usual on Thursday evening when we went to pick up a pizza from Christopher Pizza. We ended up having to park in front of a tour bus and hope they weren’t going anywhere anytime soon (they weren’t).

Funny we didn’t really encounter the crowds much otherwise, though, for living so close to the action.

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