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All Roads Lead to Pacman

What’s more automatic than Pacman turn a boring punt into an exciting play?

Well, lots of things.

But, also, his naming coming up whenever there’s violence. Again, he’s a person of interest in an Atlanta shooting.

I say, reopen every cold case in America.

Preds Appeal

I’ve been to a Predators game or six. They’re fun.

But I’ve never paid for a ticket – I always seem to find the hook-up from a friend or relative.

So, I’m not as much of a ‘fan’ as others who really have a deep interest in making sure that professional hockey stays in Nashville.

To that end, here are two great blog posts from self-proclaimed Predators fans:

Rob at thinktrain writes a letter to current (for like another week) owner, Craig Leipold.

John at Salem’s Lots is opening up his platform for the soon-to-be owner, Jim Balsillie, to have his say.

No word on a response from either, yet.

My Kind of Baseball

Good, fun baseball is back in Nashville as the Vanderbilt Commodores host an NCAA regional this weekend.

And with tickets for 6 games only running you $35 total, I couldn’t pass it up. Much like bowl games and March Madness, postseason college baseball puts the excitement back in the sport for those of you who couldn’t make it through 9 innings without sticking pencils in your eyes.

Other Scoreboard News

I went to the Sounds game last night. Since the new stadium deal didn’t get done, Nashville really needs to pack it in and ship the team off instead of forcing people to have a subpar baseball experience. All the thirsty Thursdays or Tuesdays or everydays in the world couldn’t save this sinking ship.

Not only is the stadium old, the food terrible, the gimmicks awful, the excitement nonexistent and the atmosphere depressing, the freakin’ scoreboard doesn’t even work.

Seriously, Sounds. The only other baseball game I’ve been to where the scoreboard worked worse that yours was my own little league game back in ’89 when the power went out. There is no reason a AAA team shouldn’t have a fully-functioning scoreboard. You don’t have to have a monster LCD jumbotron, but you do need to be able to let folks know what inning it is. I don’t know how many total bulbs are in that giant guitar, but I’d say only about 10% of them were working last night. I could tell who was winning and what the count was, but I had no idea who was playing, who was up to bat, or what advertisers wanted me to visit their businesses.

It would have been one hell of a rigging job, but the old Preds scoreboard should take the place of the oversized blue guitar in left-center.

I like baseball. I like the fact that Nashville has a team. But the reality is that Vanderbilt is not only a better team, but they have a better experience overall for the fan. Unfortunately, their season is over in a few weeks, and all local baseball lovers who want to really enjoy being a spectator will have to drive to Jackson, Birmingham, Chattanooga, Memphis, Louisville, or Atlanta.

Other than a swanky new stadium, any ideas out there for improving Nashville’s minor league experience?

Now That’s Recycling!

Each day over at CoolPeopleCare, I share an idea to improve the world. Some of the ideas have to do with recycling or the environment, and all of the ideas can be done in 5 minutes or less.

So I like it when I come across a story that shows how similar ideas happen on a larger scale.

The Predators’ old Jumbotron just sold for $10,000 to a minor league hockey team in North Carolina. Had they not sold it, they would have disposed of it. So, many many pounds of metal and glass were kept out of a landfill or the bottom of the Cumberland, and a small-time hockey team got a sweet scoreboard.

This got me wondering: What else should Nashville try to auction to the highest bidder?

GEC No More…

The Nashville Business Journal reports today that the Gaylord Entertainment Center will soon be dropping the Gaylord name. In accordance with an agreement reached a couple years ago between the Predators and Gaylord Entertainment, the company name will come down on March 16th and the building will be known simply as the Nashville Arena. Until a new naming sponsor comes along, that is.

Does anyone else think that “Nissan Center” has a nice ring to it?

In Depth: Titans Playoff Chances

I really want to see the Titans go to the playoffs. With only one game left, there is a very well defined scenario of what needs to happen for the Titans sneak into the playoffs. Granted, I am pretty happy that there is a scenario left after the 0-5 start of the 2006 season.

So here is what needs to happen [via Sharon Cobb]:

  1. Our Tennessee Titans beat the New England Patriots
  2. The Pittsburgh Steelers beat the Cincinnati Bengals
  3. The San Fancisco 49ers beat the Denver Broncos
  4. The Kansas City Chiefs beat the Jacksonville Jaguars

Simple enough. We can all go to a big sports bar and watch all four games while knowing who to root for. I just wanted to take a minute and look at the changes of each one of these pieces falling into place.


Titans Back at .500

The seemingly impossible has happened. The Tennessee Titans, who started the season 0-5, are now at the .500 mark with a record of 7-7. In today’s NFL, that is next to impossible.

Here’s the thing though, after yesterday’s win it felt like a loss. The offense and VY barely had any time on the field and, when they did, it wasn’t all that impressive. The Titan defense, lead by Pacman Jones, managed to capitalize on enough of the Jaguars mistakes, but they just didn’t look good doing it. They were on the field for over two thirds of the game and Jacksonville was wearing them down with first down after first down. Since these “new” Titans have emerged about seven weeks ago, this was by far their worst performance…and yet they won.

Winning the ugly games when the team as a whole is not at their best is what makes a serious playoff contender. The Titans are, in all likelihood, not going to make the playoffs this year, but if they can manage to keep this new found attitude in place through next season, then winning week after week and expecting to go to playoff games at L.P. Field will once again be the norm.

Steve McWho?

Vince Young will not always win. He won’t. He will throw interceptions in the 4th quarter. He will fumble. He will get sacked. He will fail.

But not today. Scrambling into the end zone from near midfield is the way the game was supposed to end today. And so it did, and so the Titans won a game they should have. And now, this 6-7 team has three games left to cement a mid-round pick in next year’s draft. We may not win the last three games, but now every game is winnable.

We may not convince the odds makers of that, but Vince Young jukes odds like he does defenses. As long as he is in the game, so is possibility.

What this means for fans is that it’s finally okay to pull those car magnets and giant flags out of the attic again. 60-yard field goals and 39-yard touchdown runs make it once again okay to tell people you are a Titans fan.

Wow: The Titans Are Back–Almost

As a harsh critic of the Tennessee Titans in the early part of this year, I am more than happy to eat my words right now.

Wins over Philadelphia, New York, and now the Indianapolis Colts have made me a true believer once again.

For two straight Sundays, I have yelled, cheered, and literally jumped up and down with sheer joy at the reemergence of MY team. This is the team I had been missing. This was the team that had disappeared over the last 2 1/2 seasons. These Titans have finally come together.

They may get behind an opponent but, they just keep fighting. They don’t quit or panic. They hold together and, perhaps most importantly, they believe in themselves.

Other NFL fans would probably say, “Why are you so behind a 5-7 team?” The answer is simple: Titans fans have long enjoyed a team that might lose a game, but never quit until the last second was gone. This team is showing us that raw, tough, gritty mindset that we have all been longing for to return.

This season may end up still being a losing one with a 7-9 or 6-10 record, but I believe we have seen the beginnings of something truly special. And for that, I am content.

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