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Call of the Mild

I rode my bicycle down to LP Field to check out the humongous fasting/prayer festival known as The Call. It was eerie to see the stadium 3/4 empty and almost totally silent as thousands of people sat in the stands with their heads bowed and others milled quietly about showing little or no emotion.

It kinda reminded me of a Vanderbilt football game during the Rod Dowhower era.

Be a Smart Alec. Get Published.

Oh wait, that’s what I usually do here at MetroBlogging.

Well, now it’s your chance to get in the game! The deadline is fast approaching for the Nashville Scene’s 19th Annual “You’re So Nashville If” Contest.

While I personally think some of the earliest winners were the best, YASNI is still a chance to share your wry observations about your fellow Nashvillagers. Don’t be afraid to throw in a “Weirdie” to keep the Committee of Insiders on their toes.

I’ve had at least one entry published every year for over a decade in a row now, so how hard can it be? I guess I probably jinxed myself there, didn’t I?

Somebody Open a Window…

Cause it’s fixin’ to get FUNKY up in here.

Where should you go tonight to get your USRDA of soul and R & B?

Well if you want my advice, I’d say get your booty down to Mercy Lounge for The Dynamites featuring Charles Walker!

Today Is the Longest Day of the Year

…and thanks to two Metrobloggers who kept me out too late last night, it sure feels like it already.

We took Chris Wage’s advice and went out to the Sportsman’s Grille in the Village for an impromptu editorial meeting that lasted into the wee hours. Aw, who am I kidding? I’m there every Wednesday night because I’m a good friend of Brad the bartender upstairs and know that he has to make tution payments for his burgeoning brood of children.

Plus, where else can you hear a kicking Hammond Organ jazz trio, eat fried pickle chips and watch the guy who wrote “Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress” and the guy that wrote “Angel from Montgomery” shoot pool all night?

You gotta love this town!

Agave Tequila Lounge?

While I was searching the Tennessean’s website for more details on the Pacman charges, I came across this little tidbit on a new bar/restaurant coming to the Gulch. I’d heard some rumbles about this place before, but didn’t realize it was this close to an opening. Does anyone have any details on Agave other than what’s in the article? And while we’re at it, what’s the status of Lot 7 next to Judge Bean’s? Is that close to an opening date as well?

Update: Looks like Lot 7 may have already opened in the last couple of weeks. All the Rage certainly seems to like the place. So who’s been there? I’ll post a review once I am able to check it out.

The Debate Rages On

No, not about cigarettes.

I just returned from the mayoral candidates forum hosted by the Young Leaders Council.

I feel bad for these guys (and girl). They had a debate last night, had one today at lunch, and have another one tomorrow night. They made the remark that today’s crowd was one of the largest they’ve spoken to. And it was no more than 75 people. I understand the impact of issue-based forums (today’s dealt with young professionals), but certainly these candidates need a break and should be given a chance to get their main ideas out there to a lot of people at a few debates.

Anyway, this one was kind of funny.

There’s 7 people running. You’ve got the big five (Briley, Clement, Dean, Dozier and Gentry). Then there’s business man Kenneth Eaton, and Cheryl Tisdale. Those two should get about 6 votes between them.

Briley comes across as cool and hip and is quick to crack jokes. But, he can also bring home some ideas and truth that make you think he might be up for this.

Clement probably never says anything off-script. Even at home, he talks to his family only after a staffer writes down what he needs to say.

Dean seems stately, but not in a John Kerry kind of way. He needs to smile more, and to get a better haircut. He’s smart, there’s no doubt, but he needs to show he likes to hang out.

Dozier has some good ideas up his sleeve, but he doesn’t quiet have the ability to get them out there. He looks like he’d be a fun grandpa.

Gentry has a lot of local experience and at least sounds like he knows what he’s talking about. But vice-mayor ain’t exactly the training ground for mayor.

However you choose to vote on August 2, make sure you do stand up and be counted. Nashville’s had 16 consecutive years of great growth. Pick the guy (or girl) who will keep it going. Do you research and if you haven’t registered to vote yet, click here. You need to do so by July 3.

And, if you want to know who I think won today, read my blog.

The Smoking Ban Debate Rages On…

I am happy to see that this debate is finally raging here on the Metblog. And I definitely hear what you are saying, Chris – there are a number of places, especially in a city like Nashville, that risk losing some of their character if smoking inside them is no longer allowed. But if every restaurant, bar, and club in Nashville lost the ability to allow its patrons to smoke inside on the same day, the “character lessening” effects of a smoking ban would undoubtedly be diminished. It would be an equal playing field. Tootsie’s wouldn’t be any less authentic than any of the other honky tonks becuase you wouldn’t be able to smoke in any of them.

OK, so it happened after all

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OK, so we did get a little snow.

Good thing…

we were prepared for all that snow, huh?

Seriously, though, I know it’s a big deal. I joke because I’m from Chicago originally, and when I was growing up in that area, we kids had to wish for practically several feet of snowfall at once before school would be shut down for a day. But then, I checked around online this morning to see how Chicago’s snow removal budget compares with Nashville. Although I couldn’t find solid numbers, what I saw made it look like Chicago’s budget may be at least 3 or 4 times higher. And rightly so. So when there’s even a little chance of snow in Nashville, it’s a big deal, simply for lack of resources to deal with it.

But you all knew that, I’m sure. I’m just always amused at people outside this area who act really surprised or patronizing about all the precautions taken in Nashville and the rest of the South when snowfall is predicted, without taking into account the resources to deal with the snow.

More Midtown Towers?

Just wondering if any of our astute readers know something we don’t about Rex Noseworthy’s latest gossip – that another flashy new real estate development is coming to Midtown. Rex tells us that another two-building development is slated for West End, “one that will spur corporate big shots and edgy hipsters alike to want to live large in the towers.”

The wording makes it sound like somewhere between West End Ave. and Elliston Place, but who knows? Any guesses, MetroBloggers?

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